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Standard Solar

Standard Solar is a solar home energy services company that provides solar photovoltaic (and solar hot water) systems for the Metropolitan Washington area. Their core business is installing residential solar energy systems. They work to standardize the sale, delivery, and installation of solar home systems.

Chesapeake Solar

courtesy of: Chesapeake Solar (Merriweather)

Chesapeake Solar is Maryland’s leading installer of solar energy systems. Their core mission is to transition our energy economy toward greater use of the abundant and clean energy provided by the sun. They accomplish this through educational programs, public policy activities regarding renewable energy, and the design and installation of quality systems.

Reware Store

courtesy of: Reware Store

Reware offers new and inventive products that utilize renewable and sustainable energy technologies, from environmentally-conscious clothing to solar backpacks that charge electric appliances. The Profolio, for instance, is one of the latest "juicebags" to be offered, acting like a briefcase but with a revolutionary thin and flexible solar charging system that charges all iPods, cell phones, GPS, cameras, etc. Through "better processes, better materials, and better ideas", they seek to change the way that manufacturers and customers operate.

Helicon Works

courtesy of: Helicon Works

Helicon Works is local architect and ‘green’ builder William Hutchinson. Specializing in environmentally-sensitive architecture and building practices Bill has accepted projects from Maryland and Virginia to Santa Barbara and Southern Baja. Bill designed and built his own house, which features straw bale walls, a living roof, solar pv, corn stove and is equipped with his own biofuel filling station. You can even take a tour of his home or get involved by taking a workshop. Visit the Helicon Works website for more info.

Furbish Company

photo by: Alyssa

Furbish Company is a sustainable building company specializing in, living roofs, biofilter walls and vegetated retaining walls. Some projects include a living roof installation for a South Baltimore BP filling station and the conversion of an old convenience store warehouse turn modern industrial office space. Located in Brooklyn Park not far from I-95 Luckys “utilizes a modern hydronic energy system for heating and cooling vs. the traditional ducted, forced air system.” How to rent office space and more about Luckys go to:
Other projects have included one of the largest straw bale structures on the east coast, maxing out at 27,000 sqft. Commissioned by the Friends Community School and located in College Park, MD the building is post and beam with all exterior walls filled with highly insulated straw bale, delivered from a local farm. To protect and fire proof the straw a lime stucco was used for the outside while a hand mixed earthen wall was made for the inside, 60% of which was used from material found on site.