How Much Money Are You Leaving on the Table?

4 Costly Mistakes to Avoid as You Green Your Business

As you green your business, are you:

  • Coming from a place of anxiety, fear, or anger about the state of the environment?
  • Stuck in a competitive, isolated mindset?
  • Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, wheel-spinning, or lacking broad support in your organization?
  • Trying to make these paradigm shifts by yourself?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, you need to know that this is costly in terms of wasted time, money, good will, credibility, and missed opportunities.

On this F*R*E*E call, you will:

  • Discover where your motivation and mindset may be holding you back from business-enhancing success.
  • Learn the most effective, profitable ways to turn each of these mistakes around.
  • Discover the methods and mentors that will allow you to cut through the hype and confusion and go right to time- and money-saving solutions.

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Do you wish greening your business was simple and easy? Then, this fun, unique program is designed just for you.

At last! A program that, in just 15 minutes a day, once a week, helps you to recharge and reinvigorate your green focus.

**Next session begins Fall, 2010

Get ready to:

  • Accelerate your results
  • Simplify your approach to green with a revolutionary way of thinking
  • Gain new clarity on your current impacts
  • Get beyond frustration, wheel-spinning and confusion – forever
  • Find the highest motivation to easily integrate green into your business, allowing you to save TIME and THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS
  • Experience the creative inspirations that come from seeing the world as alive
  • Cultivate intimate relationships through humility, awe and wonder; AND discover why it’s the secret sauce in a green business

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“Going green” extends well beyond recycling or using compact florescent light bulbs and can truly create an amazing “inner-world, transformational shift” in the way you think about life and business.

That’s why in this call I’ll reveal:

• The essential questions you MUST ask yourself before you go green
• The astonishing power of a green mindset
• The 4 must-haves of creating a sustainable green vision for your company
• My ground-breaking 5-step model for creating a green business

In fact, on this call, I’ll let you in on many of the proven strategies and approaches that, up until now, I’ve only shared with my private consulting clients to help them make significant leaps forward in greening their businesses.

Let me start you on your way to an eco-inspired business.

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From: Balehouse, by Alyssa Dennis

Your EcoBlueprint Home Study Course

Green is hot right now. It’s all over the media: green jobs, clean energy, carbon caps, 10 Things-to-Save-the-Earth lists. So, why aren’t you doing more? Sure, you recycle (usually) and you’ve replaced some lightbulbs. But, what else could you be doing? What’s holding you back?

The good news:

A deeply satisfying life can heal our relationships with ourselves, our neighbors, and the planet. When we celebrate our creativity, our bounty, and our goodness, we are also helping the earth.

This course will transform the way you look at your world, your life, and your business! You are invited to treat yourself today.
photo by: Sheila Finkelstein

Cultivating a Sense of Awe and Wonder

A free call with Julie Gabrielli, Sarah Sloboda, and Sheila Finkelstein

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Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. . . .Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.
Carl Jung

We can cut through the noise that is all around us and even in our own heads by tapping into our creativity. Our natural wisdom allows us to reconnect to ourselves, our communities, and the natural world. Join Julie Gabrielli of GOforChange, as she moderates a discussion with two vibrant, aware, and successful artists who regularly cultivate a sense of awe and wonder through their creative work.

This call will profoundly shift your perspective about the relationship between culture and nature, from doom-and-gloom to wonder and awe.

Learn more about Julie Gabrielli, Sarah Sloboda, and Sheila Finkelstein.

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Sustainability from a Sacred Place

A free call with Julie Gabrielli and Mare Cromwell

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It is impossible to care for each other more or differently than we care for the earth.
Wendell Berry

Mare’s credo holds that the only real way for us to heal the planet is for us to heal ourselves on a deeply spiritual level. When we learn to live from our higher self and truly connect with the inherent spirituality of the Earth and all that Earth Mother has given us, then the healing on the planet will follow. The healing of the planet will ensue because we will have learned how to live with respect and reverence and sustainability will be coded into all of our actions–as it was and still is coded in many indigenous people’s lives across the globe.

This call will inspire you with wisdom from ancient traditions and new practices that you can take into your daily life.

Learn more about Mare Cromwell.

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photo courtesy Liz Gannon-Graydon

What Better Looks Like

A free call with Julie Gabrielli and Liz Gannon-Graydon

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You did what you knew how to do, and when you knew better, you did better.
Maya Angelou

In 1992, while teaching an 8th Grade Social Studies class, Liz Gannon-Graydon offered her students the following challenge: “You are the future; it is up to you to make the world a better place.”
An extraordinary young woman named Jessica challenged back, “What would better look like?”
“What do you mean?” Liz asked, unprepared for the question.
She responded, “This is how the world is. If you want me to make it better, what would that look like?”

Join us as we talk about the What Better Looks Like campaign, which is founded on three premises:

  • To create Martin Luther King’s “Beloved Community;”
  • Wherever the problem is created, the solution exists, probably within reach; and
  • Everyone on the planet is a healer, a teacher, an artist or some combination of the three.

We invite you to ask yourself: What did I come to heal? What did I come to teach? What did I come to create?

Learn more about Liz Gannon-Graydon and Julie Gabrielli.

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