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GOforChange has a big vision for a community that is life-affirming in all senses. We work with mission-driven businesses and organizations to find simple, practical ways to increase their profitability, satisfaction and success by going green. We’ve been at this for 20 years, so green isn’t a fad or trend to us. We know how to go right to the heart of the matter, cut through the clutter and get to the gold. Using timeless, grounded frameworks, we work with you to customize a plan that fits your unique values and priorities.

Twenty years ago, as a young architect, when my eyes were opened to the tremendously negative impact my profession was having on the environment, I was shocked! Buildings use (and waste) a great deal of energy, water, and materials. My highly-competitive industry contributes substantially to climate change, environmental degradation, and even poor human health from sick building syndrome.

Rather than pack it all in, I saw these dismal statistics as a challenge. Surely, with intelligence, creativity, and determination, we can do better. I began to educate myself, to learn all I could about how nature works, to study sustainability frameworks, to teach others about green design, to assemble and lead diverse project teams.

In the process, I developed my expertise, started my own company and helped to change my industry. I discovered a new approach that transformed how I work with clients and partners, one that led to a much greater freedom, a specialty niche, and fulfillment in my business. I built a steady, loyal client stream that allowed me to continue to learn while getting paid to do what I love.

We are here to create a movement that helps you contribute to the sustainability of the planet in powerful, life-changing ways. We are here to help you discover how to live an abundant, creative, joyful life that is GOOD for the earth. This requires big changes in how we think, feel, and act. And change begins with information.

GOforChange’s 12 Tenets of Lasting Change.

Change is fundamentally a design problem that is . . . . .

  • initiated and steered by vision
  • creative
  • practical
  • strategic
  • born of humility and gratitude
  • locally focused
  • incremental and measurable
  • a way to open new doors
  • social
  • personal
  • a daily practice
  • joyous and fun

The Power of One

You are part of a network; actually, a network of networks. You live, work, shop, play, transport, learn, interact, and rest within these networks. Every action you take is connected to many other people, businesses, energies, living things. You have a LOT of power! GOforChange is here to help you effectively harness that power for the greater good of ALL.

The Power of Every One

We don’t mean for you to do this all by yourself. That’s the beauty of networks! There’s a great Ethiopian proverb that says, “When spiders unite, they can tie up a lion.” Once you get started, your actions will ripple through all your networks, you will hook your friends, family and associates, and touch the lives of people you have never met.

How to GOforChange

On this site, we bring you articles that will expand your awareness of the issues , profiles of businesses that are earth- and people-friendly; how-to’s (such as, make your own compost bin ); inspirational musings ; and a calendar of events , educational and volunteer opportunities in our own region. The GOforChange network is expanding and will soon feature information about other regions in the U.S. Let us know if you’d like to head up your local node of the GOforChange network.

We have some wonderful programs and are adding more in the coming months. You provide your vision and goals; we provide the strategies, access to experts, and a supportive community.

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