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Green School of Baltimore

photos by: Julie G

Green School of Baltimore is an elementary school with a different approach to learning. Adopting a curriculum that embraces what they call “EIC” (Environment as an Integrating Context”, the school’s surroundings and community are used as the context for math, reading, science, and social studies. Each grade participates in year-long studies and projects that include creating rain gardens, planning and growing an edible, organic garden, developing a recycling program, and creating a tree nursery. The school’s mission is not only to educate its students, but help them increase environmental stewardship through experiential environmental education. 

The Rockfish

photo courtesy of: The Rockfish

The Rockfish is a no waste fine dining experience located in Annapolis. The restaurant takes all of it organic waste to a compost facility, runs a recycling program called "Rockfish Recycles" which began in the early spring 2007, purchases wind power carbon credits and has already off-set millions of pounds in greenhouse gases. "Our program provides neighboring businesses that were not recycling at all with recycle containers to keep on site. Every Friday, the 12 businesses who now work with us drop off their waste in our parking lot. We sort it, pack it and deliver it to the county’s recycling center free of charge. Current estimates show that we are converting 4 tons of trash bound for landfills to recycle every month. That is almost 50 tons each year and the program keeps growing."