What we do for you

We help organizations unlock the value and unleash the potential of going green.

You want to cash in on the green economy, but don’t have the time or bandwidth to do it alone. We help you to engage your employees, so you can save money, create new income streams, and better communicate your successes outside the organization.

We help you to quickly go from frustrated and confused to inspired and focused.

You’ve done that energy audit, changed lightbulbs and started a recycling program.

Is that all there is?


Greening your business is an extraordinary opportunity to vault into higher levels of excellence, performance, and service.

Here is where you can get help to. . . .

  • Save money by reducing waste
  • Offer more profitable, premium services or products
  • Receive more media attention
  • Attract and retain great employees
  • Be beloved in your community as a positive force
  • Increase customer loyalty + serve more people

In short, do well by doing good!

If this all sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. It’s actually possible! Hundreds of businesses have had these results and more, over the last decade. What did they do that you aren’t yet doing?

They embraced a vision of a profitable business that is good for the earth and for people.

Besides GE, HP, Toyota, Nike, 3M, Patagonia, and IKEA, some smaller examples include New Belgium Brewery in Ft. Collins, CO; office furniture company Herman Miller; Clif Bar; and carpet manufacturer Interface. Even Wal-Mart sees the power of this vision and is bringing it as a requirement to their many thousands of suppliers.

Don’t be left behind. Greening your business is a strategic imperative. The investments you make now and in the future will position you to stand out in your industry and cash in on the ever-growing green economy.

What makes us different?

We help you to

Move from vision to action. It’s been said, “Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” We help you and your team to understand the context of greening strategies. This engages people more effectively and saves a tremendous amount of time.

Foster collaboration, instead of authoritarian, top-down directives. We build on the culture of your organization, in order to motivate and harvest the best ideas from everyone.

Use the whole brain. We integrate science and poetry, rational and intuitional, linear and cyclical, directed and creative. Instead of relying on dry, 10-things-to-do lists, we use metaphor, story, quotes, images, and other non-linear forms of expression. The resulting leaps of insight will propel projects forward more quickly.

Think like an architect. It’s all in the design. We ask juicy questions to cultivate possibility. When you and your team consider multiple variables within a structured framework, you will find the best solutions.

Enroll Nature as your mentor. When facing a tough design problem, you can ask, what would Nature do? Aligning your business with the cycles and laws of nature is not only smart, it’s highly profitable.

Our services

We help you to unlock the value and unleash the potential of going green in your business. With a clear, prioritized plan, as well as ongoing support, guidance, and accountability, you will see great results.

We tailor our work with you based on the kind of support you are looking for and your level of experience with greening your business. An example of some of our programs:

Complimentary Green Business Strategy Session
Are you encountering challenges or roadblocks in greening your business? Feel like you’re wasting time considering too many options? In your organization, is there apathy or a general lack of buy-in? A complimentary 30-minute Green Business Strategy Session will diagnose your needs and come up with some strategies to help you move forward with ease and grace.

Sustainability Benchmark
For committed organizations that are asking, what’s next? The Benchmark gives you the feedback you need to fine tune, cut through the hype and go right to profitable, creative solutions. It lets you see your business in a wider context, move away from piecemeal tactics, and implement concrete, relevant strategies.

Strategic Sustainability Initiative
How well does your organization’s culture dovetail with environmental values? Where are the leverage points that will allow systemic change to flow naturally? Set up for success when you cultivate enthusiastic buy-in, harvest great ideas, set measurable goals, and map out actions, accountability, and milestones.

Green Business Mentorship
This 6-month program, which includes the Sustainability Benchmark, provides ongoing mentorship, education, masterminds, accountability, and leadership laser coaching for you and your team. With regular trouble-shooting, accountability and motivation, you can accelerate your greening results and accomplish your goals.

Green in 15
Refocus and reinvigorate your Green Team’s efforts. 15 minutes x 15 actions = 15 green results. Online teleclass with recordings and workbook. Content and schedule can be customized for your team.

Our Sustainability Benchmark map

Deepen your knowledge about green business

Our Credentials

USGBC member since 2001

PROBE for Sustainable Business licensed facilitator

Julie Gabrielli, founder of GOforChange, is an award-winning, leading green business expert. She is an industry-changer who was instrumental in starting the sustainable design movement in her region over twelve years ago. Her work has included helping large businesses and institutions develop sustainability initiatives and Climate Action Plans. She is a dynamic and inspiring public speaker and loves to connect idealistic college students with forward-thinking businesses. Read her full bio here.

“Julie helped us conceive a clear and concise vision.”I worked with Julie on the award-winning University of Maryland’s 2007 Solar Decathlon entry LEAFHouse. Her deep knowledge of sustainability was immediately applicable to all aspects of the project from the development of our brand to the design of the house to the creation of marketing materials. Her ability to seamlessly integrate sustainable principles and technology helped the team develop an inclusive approach to the project. She not only helped us find our vision, but also gave us the tools to convey that to the public. Her enthusiasm and positive outlook turned problems and challenges into opportunities. My work with Julie has increased my own interest and passion for sustainability as well as help shape the path of my career.

Brittany Williams, LEAFHouse team leader, project designer at MTFA Architects

“Julie combined down-to-earth practicality that fit our budget with our mission and needs.”As our internal green building advisor for a large, LEED-certified athletic complex, Julie helped us to understand sustainability more deeply from the outset. During the project, she translated complex concepts and sifted through sometimes-contradictory information, enabling us to make decisions efficiently and with confidence. She combines a broad vision with down-to-earth practicality that fit our budget, as well as the mission and needs of our school community.

Duncan Booth, Director of Finance, Roland Park Country School