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Amity Organics

photo by: alyssa
Amity Organics offers energizing herbs, healing plants, vitamins and soothing oils as part of an extensive line of organic skin, body, hair, cosmetic and nutritional products. They support sustainable agricultural practices and insure all their products are completely organic and certified to food grade standards. They also donate a portion of their proceeds to the David Suzuki Foundation to help preserve the environment. Learn more about Amity, check out there locally held events to encourage healthy, organic living and collective well-being.

Naturally Yours

photo: unknown
Naturally Yours is a nutritional health company that specializes in holistic health care alternatives. They offer health supplements and vitamins, organic treatments like Tibetan Goji Berries and a Black (Cumin) Seed based anti-oxident. Naturally Yours focuses on providing the public with information on variant forms of treatment for basic human maladies, and their own holistic alternatives.