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Want to Move from Me to We?

Photo by: Julie

Taking a break today and doing a little browsing for cool sites I didn’t know about. Here’s one: Moving From Me to We. Their tagline is “Succeed and savor life with others.” I found plenty that resonates with posts I’ve written here before. From their “About” page:

“For most of our lives we’ve been advised to lead and manage others. We’ve been taught to resolve conflict, influence, negotiate and otherwise attempt to get what we want from people.Through self-improvement, we’ve told we’ll become happier, smarter and more attractive, successful and self-aware. Right?

“But what about the concept of us? More people would rather enjoy the camaraderie of smart collaboration than be lead, persuaded or managed.”

This way of relating to each other is different from how most of us have been taught. Yet it is absolutely something that can be learned, so what are the successful methods? This site invites us to explore this question and others.

The site’s creator, Kare Anderson, was the Obama campaign team collaboration coach. Diagnosed as “phobically shy” as a child she went on to become an Emmy-winning former NBC commentator and a journalist forThe Wall Street Journal in Europe and the U.S.

“Credo for Moving From Me to We

“We don’t have to go it alone anymore. Together we can:

“Practice ways to accomplish more with each other.
Learn from unlikely allies on shared projects.
Be a part of something larger than ourselves.
Grow our work, friendship circle and lives.
Use our best talents more often.
Create a ‘first ever.’
Enlarge our worlds.
Get more done.

Pretty great words to live by, eh? Reminds me of that adage, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”