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Baltimore Treasures

photo by: alyssa

A couple of years ago, I worked for a Poster Restoration Company and walked passed this impressive fence design every day. I knew nothing of its creator, but could tell that the posts are made from chunks of salvaged concrete. Natural builders have coined the name "urbanite" for this repurposed concrete material. (Yes — that’s "urbanite" — same name as our beloved local magazine !) I was particularly impressed with the detailed wood cuts that form so nicely around the posts.

Read on to see other uses for urbanite. Continued

MICA Pinkard Gallery: Nicole Herbert

photo by: alyssa

This past Sunday I came across artist Nicole Herbert, now showing at MICA in the Pinkard Gallery . The photos on display site a few walls and walkways surrounding the Institute that have a missing brick. By making her own mold she returned to these spots and delicately replaced what had gone missing with a white plaster brick.