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Thankful Thursday: Making Lemonade

We are starting a new tradition called Thankful Thursday. Each week, we will post on someone or something that we are particularly grateful for, including mentors, inspiring green business owners, and clients. The intent is to pause and reflect on the wealth that is always present. Comments are welcome!

To start off, today I want to write about my husband, Peter Garver.

If I really let fly, this post is likely to be long enough to read until next Thursday! Instead, I will keep it to this one topic. Two days ago, Peter was mugged in broad daylight while walking near his office. It’s a hip complex of restored old mills, now offices, Starbucks, a wine store, and a Whole Foods. Not exactly a high-crime area.

Peter is 6′-4″, so is not used to feeling threatened in any setting. Two guys tackled him from behind, and before he knew it he was face-down on the pavement being subjected to some rather brutal treatment. They took his wallet, but thankfully left his car keys and cellphone.

Besides the keys and the phone, what else is there to be thankful for in this dismal story?

1. Peter suffered injuries that required a trip to the ER (the ambulance was overkill, but adds to the story). Thankfully, he needed only three stitches in his elbow and a tiny staple in his scalp (ouch!). Given that we live in Baltimore (home of “The Wire“), this could have been so much worse.

2. He immediately understood how lucky he is and has spent very little, if any, time dwelling on his anger. He has kept the perspective that we live a rather charmed life in a city that has too many areas where people feel unsafe all the time.

3. He has instead channeled his anger and sadness to working with our City Council representative to get a security camera installed in this somewhat isolated stretch of walkway. This will ripple forth and be of benefit throughout our community.

4. The outpouring of sympathy and support from neighbors, friends, and colleagues has been phenomenal. These connections are always there; we just don’t often take the time to really feel and acknowledge them.

5. Peter opened himself to receiving the care and attention of many people. He even went for some bodywork, to clear out the energy and help to heal pulled muscles, bumps and bruises. In our culture, needing help is taken to be a sign of weakness that can be very uncomfortable. I have seen nothing but grace and humility from him.

6. Last (and best!), he demonstrates over and over the magic of a sense of humor. From his first, twinkle-eyed comment to me to the occasional black-humor quip, Peter has performed his own special brand of alchemy on this terrible event.

I hope these reflections trigger something in you that you are thankful for, whether in your personal life or business. If you are so moved, I’d love to read your comments.