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Your Mind Power

photo by: Christine Kesler

I recently came across a video of Napoleon Hill talking about Andrew Carnegie’s influence on him as a young man. It was a timely reminder of the importance of keeping a positive mental outlook in the face of life’s challenges. Indeed, our outlook is the only power that is in our complete control. All success begins with a clear picture in your mind of precisely what you want from life.

Before you decide this is mumbo-jumbo, give it a try for one or two weeks. I have been experimenting with this and, when I remember to do it, it’s very empowering and effective. Roadblocks dissolve, people come into my life unexpectedly, problems get solved effortlessly. There is a feeling of expansiveness and possibility that is positively juicy. Conversely, when I slip back into worry, frustration and doubt, my mind becomes a tangled mess and I feel small and ineffective.

In the words of Napoleon Hill, you have a power that is greater than poverty, lack of education, and all of your fears and superstitions combined. You have the power to take possession of your own mind and direct it to any ends that you may desire. Continued