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Chesapeake Solar

courtesy of: Chesapeake Solar (Merriweather)

Chesapeake Solar is Maryland’s leading installer of solar energy systems. Their core mission is to transition our energy economy toward greater use of the abundant and clean energy provided by the sun. They accomplish this through educational programs, public policy activities regarding renewable energy, and the design and installation of quality systems.

Reware Store

courtesy of: Reware Store

Reware offers new and inventive products that utilize renewable and sustainable energy technologies, from environmentally-conscious clothing to solar backpacks that charge electric appliances. The Profolio, for instance, is one of the latest "juicebags" to be offered, acting like a briefcase but with a revolutionary thin and flexible solar charging system that charges all iPods, cell phones, GPS, cameras, etc. Through "better processes, better materials, and better ideas", they seek to change the way that manufacturers and customers operate.