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One Planet,Ours! Sustainability for the 22nd Century

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One Planet,Ours! Sustainability for the 22nd Century is an outdoor interactive exhibition now on view until Oct. 13th, in the National Botanic Gardens in DC. The exhibit demonstrates a variety of examples of how systems of sustainability work with demonstrations of; solar cookie baking, a solar water pump, and rainbarrel catchment. You can also visit a strawbale house built by Baltimore’s very own Polly Bart , a strawbale construction specialist working with Builders without Borders . Other programs and lectures are scheduled throughout the exhibition run and are sponsored by non-governmental organizations, government agencies, and individuals who are leading efforts toward sustainable lifestyles.
View a slide show or press videos of the project through their website.

City Tour for Solar

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The City Tour for Solar Is a “mobile photovoltaic (PV) solar educational event that will travel across 50 cities in 100 days, educating citizens and city leaders on the benefits and viability of solar power.” The tour started on August 1st and will run through November 14, 2008 with the only disappointing aspect being that it will not reach the east coast, even though one of their leading sponsors, Sun Edison LLC, is from Maryland, boo! Visitors are able to interact with solar electric equipment and speak with professional individuals about how and where these systems are best utilized. The exhibits expand and changed from city to city which on occasion has included showcases in hydrogen power, recycled Styrofoam as building material, wind power, local solar installers, and various ways to increase efficiency.

Sun Edison LLC

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Sun Edison LLC provides renewable solar energy solutions all around the world and we’re fortunate enough to have their headquarters right here in Beltsville, MD. Some of their projects have included an 8,700 solar panel installation at the White Marsh, Maryland GM plant . They’re also a lead sponsor of the City Tour for Solar which is a “mobile photovoltaic (PV) solar educational event that will travel across 50 cities in 100 days, educating citizens and city leaders on the benefits and viability of solar power.” Although the company has extensive experience in large solar system installation they also provide renewable power to smaller venues without ever having to actually own solar panels.

Greenspring Energy

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Located in Towson MD, Greenspring Energy specializes in a variety of renewable power sources for home or office. Receive quotes and more information about solar panels, tankless water heaters, wind power, Infared Room Heaters, and much more.

Thermal Loop Corporation

Mark Tansey The owner of Thermal Loop Corporation has been in the well drilling business for almost thirty years and has extensive experience with pump installation and geothermal technologies. Geothermal technologies is a renewable energy resource that uses heat emitted from the earth’s core as energy for heating and cooling residential or commercial buildings. To those unaware of the potential economic and environmental benefits of geothermal energy, Thermal Loop Corporation, based out of Bel Air, will be happy to guide you.

WindCurrent / Clean Currents : An Energy Alternate

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Few people dispute that America’s current energy sources create high levels of pollution that we’re all forced to live with. The vulnerability of traditional power plants, coupled with our reliance on foreign oil to generate electricity, has been enough for many businesses and residents to seek alternate energy options. By instead relying on electricity powered by large wind turbines scattered across the country and thereby offsetting electricity that would otherwise come from traditional sources, one is both helping to improve the region’s air quality and stabilize the future price of electricity, all while helping America nudge closer toward energy independence.

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, WindCurrent is a business committed to bringing renewable wind-generated energy to the Mid-Atlantic region, providing Renewable Energy Certificates, or Green Tags, to some of America’s largest Green Power buyers. In contrast to large power plants centrally-situated from state to state, their renewable power projects can be distributed across the state and country. Utility companies appreciate this because “it puts the power generation closer to the end-user, which reduces the need for expensive transmission lines” required by the power plants. Their website offers extensive information on how WindCurrent operates, as well as a video that gives an in-depth look at energy sources and how they differ.

Clean Currents, based in Rockville, Maryland, is a clean energy broker/ aggregator that also offers low-cost, renewable energy to businesses, homes and institutions. Clean Currents offers clients a new carbon neutral electricity option, “Chesapeake-Green”, or “C-Green”, which combines standard electricity from the Mid-Atlantic grid with Renewable Energy Credits from wind farms situated across the United States. In addition to supplying earth-friendly electricity, Clean Currents also takes great measures to see that their own business is environmentally responsible, purchasing energy-efficient computers, lights and office equipment, and recycling all possible materials.

With an attainable source of electricity that creates zero pollution, a decreased reliance on foreign energy, and an increase of jobs in rural areas with high unemployment rates, doesn’t it just make sense?