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drawing by: alyssa
Ecoprint , first founded in 1977, is a printing company that uses environmentally responsible printing processes that are 100% carbon neutral, with a net of zero greenhouse gas emissions. Offering a number of services, including printing, conceptualization and design, data work, storage, and mailing, Ecoprint has spent years doing research with ink manufacturers and paper mills to come up with new products and processes to create a higher standard of environmental stewardship in the industry, like using Eco-ink® and recycled papers free of hazardous chemicals.

Typecast Press

photo courtesy of: Typecast PressLocated in Baltimore’s new Clipper Mill area, Typecast Press uses antique printing press methods, manual paper feeds, and mixes its own ink for an old polished design quality. Typecast focuses on craftsmanship with decades of graphic design experience. They personalize every project and offer stationary and invitations on alternative tree-friendly materials, and environmentally friendly soy-based inks.