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The Evolution of Animal Health Care

photo of Cleophas by Karen Nowak

My friend Karen Nowak has put together a fascinating tele-series on animal wellness and health care.

Are you someone who has wanted to see Traditional Veterinary Medicine and Complimentary Animal Healing modalities work together?

Are you someone who has wanted to help change the climate of Animal HealthCare?

Are you someone who has wanted to utilize both Traditional Veterinary Medicine and Complementary Healing in your animal’s health care program?

Then this tele-series "The Evolution of Animal Health Care " Is For You.

Once a week for 8 weeks you will hear experts in :

  • Over-all animal health care – Dr Christina Chambreau D.V.M
  • Raw Food Diets – Bette Schubert & Dr Alexis Soutter D.V.M
  • Homeopathy – Dr Christina Chambreau D.V.M
  • Acupuncture – Dr Gregory Todd D.V.M, CVA
  • Herbs in Western Veterinary Use – Greg Tilford well known Herbalist and owner of Animal Essentials .
  • Animal Communication – Karen Nowak owner of Freedom Reins LLC
  • Food Therapy and Chinese Herbs -Terri Grow owner of Pet Sage
  • Complementary Acute & Chronic Pain Management – Dr Lynn Peck D.V.M

If you would like to help pioneer change in Animal Health Care please visit The Gentle Knowledge website and sign up today. You may continue to sign up throughout the series.