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Beyond Pesticides

photo arranged by: alyssa

Beyond Pesticides was formed in 1981 (formerly the National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides) as a nonprofit membership organization to help keep local, state, and national pesticide policy responsive to public health and environmental concerns. With the overarching goal of leading the transition to a world free of toxic pesticides, the organization seeks to effect change through local action, assisting individuals and community-based organizations to stimulate discussion on the hazards of toxic pesticides, while providing information on safer alternatives. Their website features daily news, various fact sheets, and information on a number of issues, as well as membership.

Neighborhood Design Center

photos by: Joe Stewart

The Neighborhood Design Center works throughout the Baltimore and Prince George’s County area helping residents, small non-profit organizations, and community development corporations do what they typically otherwise couldn’t: improve their communties. These communities many times are seeking to improve blocks and homes, renovate parks and school grounds, reclaim abandoned structures for new community uses, improve neighborhood commercial districts, etc., but simply lack the means. The Neighborhood Design Center helps by offering multiple free services: conceptual building and site plans, preliminary feasability studies and cost estimates, neighborhood master plans, and community development guidance. As the center itself is a non-profit, it does all this by mobilizing volunteer architects, planners, landscape architects, engineers, and other design professionals who donate their professional services to help neighborhoods in their initial revitalization efforts. Through their work the center hopes to strengthen community participation in neighborhood improvement efforts, educate the public about the value of good design, and serve as a catalyst for increased investment in neighborhood development.

Greater Homewood Community Corporation

photo by: alyssaGreater Homewood Community Corporation (GHCC) is a non-profit organization serving 40 different neighborhoods in and around the north central areas of Baltimore City. Founded in 1969 to strengthen and safe guard communities the corporation helps to improve education, youth development, adult literacy and economic development and community revitalization.

Baltimore Free Store

Margaret Kilgallen (details) The Baltimore Free Store is a non-for-profit all volunteer organization founded on principles of social justice. It encourages recycling and reuse in hopes of decreasing poverty and fostering cooperation in achieving a community’s needs. They ask "take what you want, and give what you can" with the goal of empowering communities to organize and meet their needs independently. Beyond this wonderful community oriented concept of recycling and reuse, The Free Store is beginning an initiative to encourage residents to go greener. So take what you want and be sure to give what you can.

Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning

photo by: alyssaThe vision of the Coalition is “to end childhood lead poisoning and create healthy homes so that every child may grow up to reach his or her full potential.” They work to create resources, programs, and policies for the purpose of eradicating childhood health hazards in the home and create environmentally safe environments for children. The Coalition, formerly Parents Against Lead, is a volunteer, grassroots non-profit group, nationally recognized for its advocacy work based out of Baltimore since 1986. Lend your support by getting involved, giving, or attending a meeting or event.

Holistic Life Foundation

photo by: alyssaHolistic Life Foundation is a registered non-profit that was found in 2001 by graduates of the University of Maryland College Park. The Foundation offers youth development and after school programs that include yoga classes hosted at the Druid Hill YMCA, mentoring workshops with a one on one approach, environmental advocacy with hands on watershed restoration and community clean-ups.

Greening Alleys: Baltimore

unknownMajor Sheila Dixon is joined by Councilman James Kraft to sign City Council Bill 05-0034, which establishes the standards and procedures for community alley gating. This will help safeguard and prevent illegal dumping and other illicit activities. The the gating is also part of a larger initiative to implement alleys as green spaces to foster a greater sense of community in a cleaner greener space. To see press release: click here. Take a tour of the alleys with Community Greens, more info.