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Koteen Losoya

drawing by: alyssaKoteen Losoya is a sustainability consulting group that offers waste neutral solutions for business and institutional applications. They focus on cost-effective solutions for diverting needless waste into a reusable form, one that may serve as a business and ecological nutrient. The KL Group has provided pragmatic and technical assistance to many Baltimore area businesses and projects. Many of which have utilized innovative waste management systems that have not only maintained a healthier environment by putting less pressure on over-burdened landfills, but have been able to generate a supplemental income

The Loading Dock, Inc.

photo by: alyssa

Opened in 1984 as the first non-profit program of its kind in the nation, The Loading Dock, Inc. is a Baltimore-based, non-profit, low-cost building materials reuse center. Its mission is "to increase the supply and use of affordable building materials for housing and community improvement by redirecting landfill-bound, reusable materials into productive use." Since its beginning, The Loading Dock has saved low-income housing and community projects over $16.5 million and has rescued over 33,000 tons of building materials from landfills. As they accept just about all kinds of materials, visit their website to find out what’s in stock and see a workshop schedule. Get a listing of other salvage and reuse centers including Maryland, Pennsylvania Virginia and DC on their website .

Velocipede Bike Project


Velocipede Bike Project is a collectively-run non-profit organization dedicated to helping people use bicycles as transportation. They collect donated, second-hand and landfill-bound bikes, which they use to teach people how to repair and build their own bicycles, while also providing affordable and safe refurbished bicycles and parts. They seek to provide transportation to people of low and moderate incomes, encourage healthy lifestyles, reduce the waste flow into landfills, and decrease dependence on unsustainable fossil fuels.