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What I Have Learned About Learning from Experience

photo: sketch by Julie Gabrielli

When I was a brand-new parent, my friend Mara O’Connell gave me the best advice I’ve gotten in my life. I confessed to her how overwhelmed I felt with the responsibility of caring for such a precious, helpless creature. I had so much to learn; the enormity of what I didn’t know pressed on me like a heavy weight. I was frightened by it. Her advice was, don’t worry. You learn what you need to know, when you need it, little by little. As you go along.

I have come to appreciate that this is a perfect observation about life in general. Especially life as an innovator or entrepreneur. I don’t have to know everything there is to know about business, nor beat myself up about the things I don’t yet know or understand. In fact, what I DON’T know about business could fill a good-sized bookstore. Yet, somehow I don’t let that stop me.

"Experience is the best teacher" is something I have feared and felt in awe of all my life. Continued