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Community Greens

photo by: alyssa

The mission of Community Greens is to cultivate more shared green spaces in urban centers. The goal is to convert underutilized backyards and dysfunctional alleys into usable green space that is owned, managed, and enjoyed by the residents who surround it. Community Greens attempts to catalyze movements that merge backyards into community greens, turn alleys into green pathways, and encourage community greens in new developments. The advantages of community greens are plentiful: they cultivate community, provide an easy and accessible space to play for children, raise property values, cool surrounding homes, and reduce storm-water runoff. Ask how to get involved in your community.

Greening Alleys: Baltimore

unknownMajor Sheila Dixon is joined by Councilman James Kraft to sign City Council Bill 05-0034, which establishes the standards and procedures for community alley gating. This will help safeguard and prevent illegal dumping and other illicit activities. The the gating is also part of a larger initiative to implement alleys as green spaces to foster a greater sense of community in a cleaner greener space. To see press release: click here. Take a tour of the alleys with Community Greens, more info.