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Why Doesn’t Green = Better?

photo by: julie

Joel Makower, longtime green business guru and executive editor of Greener World Media, wrote an excellent article in his blog recently asking this question.

Joel writes,"Better. It’s a word I’ve been thinking about lately. And as I look at the landscape of sustainability, the green economy, and green marketing, I’m struck by how much of what’s greener isn’t necessarily better, at least not in the ways that matter to most people. And until "green" is synonymous with "better," it’s destined to remain marginalized, incapable of fomenting change at the scale and speed necessary to address climate change and other pressing problems."

In this article, Joel surveys the green landscape: cleaners, clothing, computers, cosmetics, energy, furnishings, buildings, appliances. Many of the greener alternatives are of higher quality, last longer, result in lower bills, all of which indicate higher quality. But, Makower, notes, it’s not all roses and honey. Green marketing is still stumbling over this simple fact:

"But many mainstream consumers believe that "green" equals "worse" — that making environmentally responsible shopping choices means making a sacrifice in quality, affordability, convenience, or some other attribute. A relative few are willing to make such sacrifices in the name of a healthier planet or a better world. But not many are. And they won’t do so until green = better."

Read the full article and see what you think.

Green Seal

painting by: Peter Seidel

Green Seal is a 501 (c ) (3) non-profit that provides science-based environmental certification standards which help manufacturers, purchasers and consumers make responsible choices that positively impact business behavior and improve quality of life. There is a life-cycle approach to Green Seal standards which means evaluating a product or service beginning with material extraction continuing with manufacturing and use and finally with recycling and disposal. Get a list of recommendations case histories and general information through their product listing.


drawing by: alyssa

Klockner is a green building company out of Takoma Park specializing in design / build projects including upscale additions, renovations, and custom homes. With an extensive knowledge base on green products and construction methods, the firm offers services in budget development and project design.

Three Stone Steps

photo courtesy of: Three Stone Steps
Three Stone Steps offers fairly traded accessory items like laptop bags, scarves and necklaces handcrafted in small workshops or from peoples homes. Although selling imports may not seem very eco-friendly chief executive, Ellen Reich is committed to minimizing each trip when possible and using recycled materials in the work place. Reich doesn’t just look to ‘fair trade’ and being "green" as devices for clever marketing. Having worked in the U.S. labor movement for 15 years, and holding a masters degree in Labor Studies from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, she is keenly aware of the issues involved with justice in the workplace.

Read their press release……



detailMelaleuca was originally founded in 1985 and now has a line of over 350 different environmentally safe consumer products. They believe that “the products we use everyday should make a significant difference for our health, our families and the earth. The name Melaleuca comes from a plant of the same name which is used as an essential oil for most all of their products.

Amicus Green Building Center

photo by: alyssa

The Amicus Green Building Center is a collection of genuine “green” products, resources, and expert support for the Mid-Atlantic region. Their mission is to create healthy, environmentally-friendly, stylish, energy-smart, and sustainable buildings. Through services like design consulting, energy analysis, and research reports, and offering green products in the way of paints, flooring, kitchen fixtures, lumber, tile and lighting, among others, the center is a able to assist just about any project toward becoming a little, or a lot more, eco-friendly.

GreenLine Paper Company


Headquartered in York, Pennsylvania, GreenLine employs eco-sensitive policies in its paper-producing business – selling only recycled or tree-free paper, paper whitened without chlorine, and products with only trace amounts of post-consumer waste; reusing shipping cartons; and packing cartons without Styrofoam "peanuts" or excess packaging-materials. In addition to office paper, tissues, and towels, GreenLine also sells select organic food items, cleaning products, and recycled kitchen and restaurant ware.