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Helicon Works

courtesy of: Helicon Works

Helicon Works is local architect and ‘green’ builder William Hutchinson. Specializing in environmentally-sensitive architecture and building practices Bill has accepted projects from Maryland and Virginia to Santa Barbara and Southern Baja. Bill designed and built his own house, which features straw bale walls, a living roof, solar pv, corn stove and is equipped with his own biofuel filling station. You can even take a tour of his home or get involved by taking a workshop. Visit the Helicon Works website for more info.

Eco Supply Center

courtesy of: Eco Supply Center Eco Supply Center is a green building furniture manufacturer for commercial and residential interiors. Headquartered in Richmond, VA, it is family-owned and was founded in 2005. Their work has been featured in Inspired House, Dwell, Elle Décor, and Metropolitan Home. Using 100% post-consumer and reclaimed agricultural fiber such as bamboo and sorghum, products range from countertops, flooring, paint, furniture, and more. Headed by wooddworker Anthony Brozna, their Ecoline collection incorporates Brozna’s quality workmanship with environmentally-responsible materials like storm-salvaged hardwoods, eco fabrics, and non-toxic finishes. Their website features Eco Supply Center’s various products, services, and Ecoline collection.