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Working Wonders

photo courtesy of: Working Wonders
Working Wonders, located in Mt. Washington, MD, is an online haven for eco-friendly furniture and accessories of all kinds for home or office. From flooring to lighting to cabinetry to beds, it’s a green marketplace for all kinds of shoppers. With one of their primary concerns being indoor air quality, Working Wonders offers organic textiles, sustainable woods, recycled metals and glass, and renewable fuels. Perhaps most useful are the easy-to-follow product descriptions, all of which include between one and eight icons, identifying the ways in which that product has qaulified as green, the categories being: reduces waste, conserves natural resources, improves air quality, saves energy and/or water, better production practices, better shipping practices, better community relations, and manufacturing location.


courtesy of: Luke Works

Luke Works is owned and operated by some of Baltimore’s finest artistic craftsman. All of Luke Works employees hold degrees or have extensive experience in the arts and furniture design. Although they specialize mostly in metal and concrete some others include bedroom sets or tables made from formaldehyde free wheatboard, bamboo, and reclaimed oak and all wood finishes are water-based which are low in VOC’s and HAP’s. “We use sustainably harvested forest products as well as reclaimed or recycled products whenever possible. We are always researching and testing new green and alternative products and processes.”

Eco Supply Center

courtesy of: Eco Supply Center Eco Supply Center is a green building furniture manufacturer for commercial and residential interiors. Headquartered in Richmond, VA, it is family-owned and was founded in 2005. Their work has been featured in Inspired House, Dwell, Elle Décor, and Metropolitan Home. Using 100% post-consumer and reclaimed agricultural fiber such as bamboo and sorghum, products range from countertops, flooring, paint, furniture, and more. Headed by wooddworker Anthony Brozna, their Ecoline collection incorporates Brozna’s quality workmanship with environmentally-responsible materials like storm-salvaged hardwoods, eco fabrics, and non-toxic finishes. Their website features Eco Supply Center’s various products, services, and Ecoline collection.