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What Is Your Business Green-Q?

Graphic by: Julie

You are not alone in wondering, what the heck really IS a green business? Is it necessary to be part of the “green economy” — as in, perform home energy audits or make hemp clothing? Take this quick quiz to find out if your business is eligible to become “green”. . . .

1. Do you purchase supplies for your business?

2. Do you make recommendations to your clients of supplies or materials they should purchase?

3. Do you travel for your work? Commute? Visit clients on-site? Get on airplanes?

4. Do you make year-end contributions to causes, or volunteer your time?

5. Do you use electricity in your business?

6. Do you eat food while at work? Serve it to your clients?

Congratulations! If you answered “yes” to any or all of these, then your business qualifies! Yes, it’s true: ALL businesses have an effect on the planet, on communities, on individuals. Business is fundamentally about relationships — both positive and uplifting, as well as exploitative and wasteful. (Let’s be honest here!)

The good news is, with a simple mindset shift, you are well on your way to becoming a green-blooded business owner. At GOforChange, we are all about mentoring small business owners to strategically to go green, with vision, passion, clarity and purpose. It’s not a cookie-cutter approach! No “10-Things-You-Can-Do-To-Save-The-Earth” lists here! Your green plan is unique to your business — your pressing needs, your priorities.

We encourage you to browse around here on GOforChange. You’ll find articles on a wide range of topics. They will teach you something you didn’t know, pique your curiosity, challenge and inspire you. You will see that going green extends well beyond recycling or using compact fluorescent light bulbs and can truly create an amazing “inner-world, transformational shift” in the way you think about life and business.

If you want to go deeper, try our recorded teleconference, “How to Overcome Green Overload in Your Small Business: 5 Steps for Cutting Through the Clutter.” It will take you through our ground-breaking 5-step model for creating a green business.

If you just want to explore if this greening thing is right for your business, schedule a GreenVersation with Julie Gabrielli. Simply send an email to chris(at), subject line “Green me!” and we will get you signed up.

Elysian Energy LLC

photo by: Gordon

Elysian Energy LLC, which specializes in energy-use assessment, helps homeowners determine their home’s carbon footprint, gauge its amount of energy-use, and take cost-cutting and eco-friendly steps to curtail wasteful energy practices. With the mantra “Lower bills, lower impact, higher value”, Elysian Energy particulary seeks to offer renewable energy technologies to its clients, as well as carbon impact mitigation. Utilizing their services both reduces local pollution from the energy supply sector and supports a local small business focuses on sustainability.