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Sustainable Business Network DC

photo: DC Farmers Markets
Worried about the economy? Perhaps the Sustainable Business Network of DC can help connect you to the right business owners, managers, community leaders, and others to increase your base of clients and customers. If you join the network as an individual consumer they can help you find a job, eco-friendly products, or connect with a local community of like-minded individuals. The office at SB NOW is filled with a staff of directors and eco-minded business professionals with LEED accreditations, experience with Department of Environment, UK, managing and marketing non-profits as well as working for businesses like LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability).

Be The Bay

colored by: alyssa

Be The Bay specializes in products from and about the Chesapeake Bay, and they donate 10% of their profits towards bay restoration and education projects. The founders of Be The Bay have long hoped for a clean bay again where you could swim without worrying about bacteria levels and eat seafood without worrying about mercury levels. Be The Bay focuses on educating residents and tourists on how they can positively effect the bay. Their clothes and bay products can be found at numerous local retailers and their on-line store.


photo by: Alyssa

Spoons is a unique coffee/sandwich shop located in the heart of Fells Point, serving deliciously roasted organic coffee. Now although you might think that while being featured on the GoforChange site this pleasurable little place would be serving a full course organic menu, they don’t. What they do, do is something all the more amazing. While saving your wallet a few dollars Spoons composts 95% of their waste, is 100% wind power operated, uses biodegradable packaging, no Styrofoam ever! They also use only locally grown and sourced items, have replaced their lights to compact fluorescent and their roof is coated with recycled aluminum that will reflect 80% of the sun’s rays. They even print their menus on recycled paper. Oh and the food’s pretty good too!

CSBA: Buy Local Baltimore

photo by: Doug Retzler

Buy Local is an educational and marketing campaign encouraging Baltimore area residents to shop at local independently-owned businesses. They educate the public on how supporting locally owned business keeps up to three times as much money in the community, supports and strengthens local jobs and businesses, and preserves and enhances Baltimore’s unique neighborhoods.

Urban Ecology Collaborative

photo by: Joe Stewart

The Urban Ecology Collaborative exists to cultivate healthy, safe, and vibrant cities through collective learning and united action. Those involved have developed a multi-city network for urban ecosystem research and restoration, while also collecting tools that address common urban ecosystem issues and disseminating them into cities. Their website includes some of their featured projects across the country, their working groups and committees, and a list of their partners and collaborators.

Chesapeake Climate Action Network

photo by: alyssa“The Chesapeake Climate Action Network is the first grassroots, non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to fighting global warming in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.” They seek to educate and mobilize local citizens in a way that encourages a swift societal switch to clean energy and energy-efficient products.

Center For The New American Dream

photos by: (left) En Pieza (right) Studio Verissimo
The Center for The New American Dream is a Washington DC based forum that "helps Americans consume responsibly to protect the environment, enhance quality of life, and promote social justice." It works with "individuals, institutions, communities, and businesses to conserve natural resources, counter the commercialization of our culture, and change the way goods are produced and consumed." They empower the public to live consciously, buy wisely, and make a difference.