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The Weekly Green: Juice for the Journey #19

Brown Residence by: Julie Gabrielli

Week 19

When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty but when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong. ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

Beauty is love made manifest. Approaching a problem with such open-heartedness brings in all the inspiration, creativity, and quantum leaps that are available to us. We are all born geniuses, so when we admire genius in someone like Bucky Fuller, we acknowledge that potential within ourselves. This week, how will you choose to tap the fullness and flow of your natural genius?

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The weekly green: juice for the journey #1

Dymaxion Car: Patent drawing figure 1

Today begins a NEW weekly feature on GOforChange.

The great strawbale building pioneerĀ Matts Mhyrman has said, “The road to good intentions is paved with hell,” and that feels about right to me. The journey of someone who cares deeply about the earth and is working like hell to do something about it can be a bumpy one indeed.

We each have our coping techniques. The very talented David Eisenberg, founder of the Development Center for Appropriate Technologies (DCAT) writes poetry and arranges it artfully on his gorgeous photographs of wild places. I know many folks unplug and spend weeks at a time in those wild places.

One of my ways is to collect quotes. It hasn’t been a conscious practice until very recently. I just appreciate the way a good quote or aphorism sums up the entire world so elegantly.

Each week, I will offer one of my favorites as inspiration to support you through the challenges you are bound to encounter along your path as an advocate for the earth. I’ll include a brief meditation on what the quote means to me, and a question to take into your week. Now, let’s get started!

Week 1

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new reality that makes the existing reality obsolete. ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

This has long been on my touchstone. It’s an elegant way of saying, “don’t curse the darkness; light a candle.” In many ways, the green building movement demonstrates the truth of this. We have all the technology and know-how we need to create zero-energy buildings, so let’s just get going and do that. What can you do this week to build a new reality?

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We always love to hear from you! How juicy is this quote for you?

What’s Your Processional Effect?

photo by: julie

Recently, a friend mentioned this very cool-sounding Bucky Fuller -ism, and through the magic of Google, I found my way to this article, by motivational speaker and author, Patrick Combs . Food for thought as you go about pollinating today. This was originally published on Patrick’s blog 3.10.05.

Buckminster Fuller called it Processional Effect, and likened it to bees pollinating flowers. Bees aren’t trying to pollinate flowers, their mission is self-serving: to make honey. But pollen sticks to their little-bitty legs as and then gets spread to other flowers, thus giving the world much beauty. But the bees, they’re just going about their personal mission.

Certainly John Leguizamo didn’t live out his dreams in theatre for my sake, yet I saw him on TV one day and the ‘processional’ effect of him living his dream (in all his glory) was to inspire me to live mine.

Josh Shrei is another guy who lived his dream of doing a one-person show, and "processionally" inspired me put together mine. (I doubt he knows it). Josh’s case really surprised me. Josh isn’t t famous. He doesn’t do it anymore, (as far as I know (and let me tell you, he was as good as Leguizamo!). He only performed his show in a couple of cities. Yet, his level of "success" wasn’t important to his "processional effect". I only needed to see him once and I was pollinated, if you will. I was forever touched.

The processional effect you have on this world doesn’t require success; it only requires that you go about the business of your heart, diligently.

I’m running my one-man show this week at a great, big, grand and glorious Performing Arts Center in Florida; tickets for $35. I can’t help but think over and over of John L. and Josh Shrei, and the processional effect they had on me (and surely countless others)… ALL BECAUSE THEY FOUND IT IN THEMSELVES TO LIVE OUT THEIR DREAMS, AND LET THEIR DIVINE LIGHT SHINE.

I’m on-stage performing this show because it’s a giant, awesome, joyous experience for me. I find it to be so truly, exquisitely fun…. but for a moment, I wonder what my processional effect is. It’s surely not intended, but it is divine.

Live out that thing inside that you identify as what you REALLY, JOYOUSLY, dream of doing with your days. Live it out because it’s your destiny. The Universe wants you to, and it waiting in the wings to send you magical support.

Living what’s in your heart; living the seed you feel planted within, will be good for you… and strangely enough, it will be good for others to. Do it, the Universe depends on our processional effects for its beauty.

Break a leg!
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