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Collective Cry

photo by: Fred Scharmen
Collective Cry is an online community of artists, activists and allies of social justice. They are dedicated to uplifting and providing healing to systemically oppressed communities through education, community development, economic development and the distribution of media content. "Collective Cry envisions a social environment in which all have access to the means to reach their potential for self-actualization through self-determination." Some of their justice initiatives and other developing economic and awareness initiatives include "Prison Mentorship Project", "My Quest Home" and "The Center for Prosperity".

MICA Pinkard Gallery: Nicole Herbert

photo by: alyssa

This past Sunday I came across artist Nicole Herbert, now showing at MICA in the Pinkard Gallery . The photos on display site a few walls and walkways surrounding the Institute that have a missing brick. By making her own mold she returned to these spots and delicately replaced what had gone missing with a white plaster brick.

21st Century Radio

mural detail courtesy of: Robert Hieronimus

21st Century Radio, the brainchild of Robert and Zohara Hieronimus, is a sub-department of Hieronimus & Co., a foundation that seeks to support “the transformational age” via radio programs, websites, and books. Broadcast on WCBM 680 in Baltimore, 21st Century Radio hosts academics, authors, and thinkers with esoteric or spiritually-oriented specialties; recent programs delved into astrological calendars, military encounters with UFOs, freemasonry, homeopathy, and ghosts in Annapolis.

Tilt Studio, Inc.

photo by: alyssa

Tilt Studio, Inc . is a design firm that works to solve a variety of design problems, while specializing in earth-friendly design practices. Tilt utilizes an artistic sensitivity to visual communication that will positively impact the future growth of your business, small or large.

Real Milk Paint

photo by: alyssaNow I’m sure you’ve heard of low-VOC paints. Unlike most paint found at Home Depot, low-VOC paint has a fraction of the toxic chemicals that are released into the air and into your lungs, not only while the product is in use but long after the paint has dried. Real Milk Paint has zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and is your alternative to even a low-VOC option. The paint is actually made from milk cultures that are then combined with pigments “harvested in a traditional manner and are completely safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic, lead free and not radioactive.” Headquartered in Quakertown, PA, it’s easy to order over the phone and will arrive within 2 days. Woodcraft off Cromwell Blvd. in Towson also carries a selection of milk paint.

Current Gallery

photo by: alyssa

Started in November 2004, Current Gallery is an artist-run cooperative, with about 1500 square feet of gallery space and about four times that for artist studios. The gallery was the first of its kind to develop out of a project courtesy of DPB and the city of Baltimore for artists to occupy an otherwise abandoned building rent-free between the time it takes the city to hand it over to the slated 25-story redevelopment plan of luxury apartments called CityScape . That’s right, Current won’t be forever so hustle on down there and get a dose of a much-needed yet ephemeral cultural music and arts venue.

Represented in the photo above is the galleries submission for Artscape 2006 called the "Dilapidated Reanimated Expo," which examines ways to reuse the city’s plethora of neglected property.


photo by: Alyssa

Spoons is a unique coffee/sandwich shop located in the heart of Fells Point, serving deliciously roasted organic coffee. Now although you might think that while being featured on the GoforChange site this pleasurable little place would be serving a full course organic menu, they don’t. What they do, do is something all the more amazing. While saving your wallet a few dollars Spoons composts 95% of their waste, is 100% wind power operated, uses biodegradable packaging, no Styrofoam ever! They also use only locally grown and sourced items, have replaced their lights to compact fluorescent and their roof is coated with recycled aluminum that will reflect 80% of the sun’s rays. They even print their menus on recycled paper. Oh and the food’s pretty good too!