Your EcoBlueprint: Three Keys to Transform Your Life and Work

From: Balehouse, by Alyssa Dennis

Our very survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Your Ticket to a Rich Home Study Course

Taught by Julie Gabrielli, founder of GOforChange.

Green is hot right now. It’s all over the media: green jobs, clean energy, carbon caps, 10 Things-to-Save-the-Earth lists. So, why aren’t you doing more? Sure, you recycle (usually) and you’ve replaced some lightbulbs. But, what else could you be doing? What’s holding you back?

The good news:

A deeply satisfying life can heal our relationships with ourselves, our neighbors, and the planet. When we celebrate our creativity, our bounty, and our goodness, we are also helping the earth.

Benefits of the Program

  • Clear up misunderstandings about what best motivates us to help the environment, and start fresh with an uplifting, transformative vision.
  • See greening in its larger context – culturally, historically, and as part of the natural world.
  • Think about what going green really means to you.
  • Learn to discern which tools will help you baseline your impact, and eventually to measure and track progress. This includes the many resources and connections in your own community.
  • Discover how employing environmental practices can also alleviate financial stress.

This program will profoundly shift your perspective about the relationship between culture and nature, from:

  • control to partnership;
  • scarcity to abundance;
  • technology to ecology;
  • autonomy to interdependence; and
  • doom-and-gloom to wonder and awe

Does this sound familiar?

  • The glut of information out there is overwhelming, contradictory and confusing.
  • You are unsure of where to begin, how to prioritize.
  • You want to be deliberate in making changes, so you understand the costs and benefits.

Here’s what’s missing:

  • When we are motivated by fear, anxiety, or anger, rather than creativity, celebration, and compassion, change can be exhausting.
  • If we do not understand the big-picture context of our actions, we can’t prioritize.
  • When we are presented with too many choices, we lose focus, get stuck, and revert to comfortable patterns.
  • If we decide on a plan that has nothing to do with our core values and beliefs, or doesn’t fit into our schedule, resources, or budget, it will not last long.

The best greening program will not succeed if it isn’t customized. Your EcoBlueprint is as unique as your fingerprint!

Here you may download the recorded special preview call . This gives a good overview of the class. If you right-click, then select "save target as" or "save link as," you can specify where to save it on your computer. (For Mac’s, it’s CONTROL/hold mouse down. You have to hit the CONTROL button first.)

Class price: $147. Includes all course materials. This is a limited-time offer!

The Three Keys to Your EcoBlueprint

Vision comes from inner wisdom. What really matters to you? What helps you feel at peace?

Mapping to pull together the goals, strategies, and actions that will bring you to your vision.

Tools include the advisors, mentors, information, and inspiration you need to transform your life.

Course Schedule
Each week includes a slide talk, discussion, and a brief experiential exercise. These are made available to you as downloads from a special web page that you can access after purchase.

Week 1 Sustainability – Motivations, Definitions, and Frameworks

  • Cultural messages, effects of humans on the planet
  • Frameworks / metaphors
  • Ecological consciousness / interconnectedness
  • Overview of the Three Keys – heart, head, and hands (vision, mapping, and tools)

Week 2 The First Key: Vision

  • Vision and action
  • Historical and contemporary images of our relationship to nature
  • Elements of the vision: partnership, human needs, and connection

Week 3 The Second Key: Mapping

  • What makes a good plan?
  • Stages of action: awareness, conservation, and restoration
  • Practices to increase awareness, awe and wonder
  • How your brain does cost/benefit analysis

Week 4 The Third Key: Tools . . . and More on Strategies

  • Examples of strategies
  • Overview of tools, books, websites
  • Practices: ritual & celebration; benchmarks & tracking

Optional Add-On: package of two, half-hour phone consults with Julie Gabrielli. Please call for quote: 410-530-0389.

Class price: $147. Includes all course materials. This is a limited-time offer!

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