Welcome, WorldChanging Businesses!

photo by: Julie Gabrielli

Thank you for joining us here at GOforChange. We’re delighted to welcome you. We are honored to offer this gift to supporters of Coco Fossland and WorldChanging Business. In a very short time, the Wisdom Circle and the Wealth Manifestation Program have vaulted GOforChange into a whole new place! And it’s only the beginning!

Please enjoy this taste of our Your EcoBlueprint program, which is available as a home study program.

A deeply satisfying life can heal our relationships with ourselves, our neighbors, and the planet. When we celebrate our creativity, our bounty, and our goodness, we are also helping the earth.


  • When we are motivated by fear, anxiety, or anger, rather than creativity, celebration, and compassion, change can be exhausting.
  • If we do not understand the big-picture context of our actions, we can’t prioritize.
  • When we are presented with too many choices, we lose focus, get stuck, and revert to comfortable patterns.
  • If we decide on a plan that has nothing to do with our core values and beliefs, or doesn’t fit into our schedule, resources, or budget, it will not last long.

The best greening program will not succeed if it isn’t customized. Your EcoBlueprint is as unique as your fingerprint!

Here is your special gift!

Download or listen to a call previewing the Your EcoBlueprint program. If you right-click, then select "save target as" or "save link as," you can specify where to save it on your computer. (For Mac’s, it’s CONTROL/hold mouse down. You have to hit the CONTROL button first.)

All four weeks of the Your EcoBlueprint program are available as a home study program. It includes class recordings, learning guides, worksheets, and slides (for those of us who are visually-inclined!).

And you will receive two bonus gifts!

  • The beautifully-illustrated e-book, "GoforChange Green Guide," filled with great information on how to green your lifestyle, home, and yard.
  • The GoforChange monthly newsletter and periodic blogpost updates, which will include invitations to receive our teleclasses, home-study courses, and live events.

Welcome to the GOforChange family, and please keep in touch!