The Green Website Adventure Tour!

What tools do you need to help you green your business or your life? How can you find them, quickly and efficiently? How can you use them strategically?

Getting to know the essential websites out there without getting bogged down in the mire is an important first step on the path to a green future. Join us for our Summer Adventure Tour to the Wonderful World of Green Websites.

  • Save time by creating your personalized roadmap to the green web
  • You’ll have the clarity and confidence to easily find resources to help you

Download a F*R*E*E recording of the Preview Call by clicking on this link . If you right-click, then select "save target as" or "save link as," you can specify where to save it on your computer. (For Mac’s, it’s CONTROL/hold mouse down. You have to hit the CONTROL button first.)

You’ll have a ton of fun AND you will learn:

  • how to quickly discern which websites are truly useful
  • how to get what you need from them quickly and efficiently
  • how to organize your thinking, so you even know what you are looking for

In my work as a green architect, we bring everyone on the project team together around a table and, using a common framework, we collaborate and brainstorm ways of achieving the project goals. We need to have a common vision and a way of prioritizing strategies , so we are not trying to do everything. At the same time, everyone around that table speaks a different language – the owner, architects, engineers, contractor, building users, etc. Many times, I got an image of the Tower of Babel story: people expressing very important truths that others simply did not hear or understand. My job was often to act as a translator between these different voices, because for some reason I could understand them all, at least partially.

In the same way, this collaborative process applies to negotiating green websites . The more you are conscious of what you need , you can see very quickly which sites are relevant and helpful and which are not.

Using this discernment, you will be able to

  • see the whole, the big picture
  • discern very quickly whether a tool is supportive of a need or if it’s simply a distraction
  • create a map to use green websites strategically
  • prioritize the information you need, and the actions you intend to take
  • get where you want to go as you green your business or lifestyle

You will learn to do this by paying attention to which sites pique your interest the most. You absolutely do NOT have to love them all. If you are tuning out, losing interest – notice that! This is your inner guidance saying – not this one, not yet (or ever).

The framework we will use is GOforChange’s 14 Tenets of Positive Change . An expanded version of this is available as a special report to the first 20 people who email us at info(at)

These tenets provide a structure for approaching the Wild West of green websites . During our classes together, I will demonstrate specific websites that expand on each of these tenets. The 14 Tenets provide a good road map to negotiating the explosion of websites on green-related topics. These websites are all valuable tools, as far as they go. But they are incomplete, in and of themselves. Using them strategically requires a framework and a set of intentions.

You will also learn to organize your thinking based on the cycle of Awareness, Conservation, and Restoration.

  • Awareness is opening to possibility, increasing consciousness, creativity, arts, meditation, education, and daydreaming. Awareness’s mantra is: "Yesterday: ignorance; tomorrow: negligence."
  • Conservation means putting on the brakes, slowing down, using less. Conservation’s mantra is: "Being less bad." (Don’t knock it! This is a very important step that cannot be skipped.)
  • Restoration is when we rebuild, repair damaged ecosystems, advocate for social justice. Restoration’s mantra is: "We are good for the earth."

This cycle has no beginning and no end. You can enter it at any point. Each action leads to a deepening of the others. For instance, planting trees is a restorative act that often leads to a great appreciation for the cycles and mystery of nature, which in turn fosters greater awareness .

Details of the Program will be forthcoming soon! In general:

  • Laser tele-classes and one Q & A class at the end . Each class is no more than 30 minutes. A call-in number and passcode will be issued to each participant.
  • An online forum to meet other participants and share ideas and information.
  • A Learning Guide for each class, sent out in advance
  • Recordings will be available after each class, in case you miss one