How to Overcome Green Overload in Your Business

Have you ever wanted to wave a magic green wand and start cashing in on those financial benefits of greening your business? Then you wouldn’t have to worry about making sense of the overwhelming amount of green information out there. After all, you want to do the right thing, but with so much advice and so many products and people claiming to be green, how do you even know where to start?

Well, wave that wand!

Poof! And I’ll show you how to:

• Bring your desire to go green into alignment with the profitability of your business
Create new opportunities for your business by going green
• Connect with a community of like-minded eco-preneurs
Find reliable yet innovative eco-friendly resources
• Learn about money- and time-saving sustainable business practices from trusted mentors and experts
Increase your media exposure as a supporter of the green movement

I’ve designed the FREE 75-minute audioseminar and workbook, “How to Overcome Green Overload in Your Small Business: 5 Steps for Cutting Through the Clutter,” to give you straightforward information so you can get into action and start seeing great results right away.

Why have I done this?

After 20 years of working with greening, I know that many people are curious about how greening their business can bring financial and other benefits, but have questions about where and how to begin. In this call, I want to share with you what I’ve learned, which is:

“Going green” extends well beyond recycling or using compact florescent light bulbs and can truly create an amazing “inner-world, transformational shift” in the way you think about your business.

That’s why in this seminar I’ll reveal:

• The essential questions you MUST ask yourself before you go green
• The astonishing power of a green mindset
• The 4 must-haves of creating a sustainable green vision for your company
• My ground-breaking 5-step model for creating a profitable green business

In fact, on this seminar, I’ll let you in on many of the proven strategies and approaches that, up until now, I’ve only shared with my private consulting clients to help them make significant leaps forward in greening their businesses.

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Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Greening my business is going to be too difficult… too timely… too costly… (fill in the blank). And I wouldn’t even know where to start.”

But believe me when I say that does NOT have to be the case. Let me share with you a success story from one of my clients:

Christine Armstrong, Photographer, Armstrong Studio Associates, Ltd.

“After years of day dreaming about moving our urban-based photo studio to our Baltimore County farm, the time had finally come to make the move.

While we considered ourselves seriously committed to being as green as possible, wading through the mountains of information available on every choice we needed to make soon became mind-boggling. How could we separate the truly green processes and materials from the ones that simply were claiming to be green?

The solution to our dilemma, without a doubt, was to contact Julie Gabrielli. Julie was able to sort through all our wants and needs and provide us with an elegant solution to the design challenges we faced. The architectural aspects of what she presented to us with were clearly the work of an experienced professional with a good ear and willingness to collaborate.
In addition, she was an invaluable resource of information as we moved through the process of making choices about the building materials; which ones were a good fit, which ones were just green washing.

Her accessibility, her ability to listen to our concerns and her willingness to provide valuable contacts helped us meet our goals. Today, we are proud to talk to visitors about our eco-friendly studio and never neglect to say that without a knowledgeable green architect it would not have been possible.”

Something else my clients initially tell me is, “Julie, I don’t have a business that impacts the environment. I work from home on a laptop. Other than recycle some paper and turn off the lights, there’s nothing I can do.”

But YOU CAN. Even if you are an entrepreneur, coach, healer, consultant or other small business owner, you ARE in a position to positively influence those around you – from clients to vendors to peers – which translates to a healthier bottom line AND exponential good for the earth.

Here’s what some of my clients and colleagues are saying:

Amy Gardner, Associate Professor, UMD School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation / Center for the Use of Sustainable Practices

“Julie is insightful and incisive. Whether designing environmentally sophisticated solutions to the way we inhabit the planet, leading and teaching others, or building a community of colleagues to do so, Julie’s worldview transcends “it can’t be done,” and “yes we can”, but rather focuses on “how we will.”


David Pratt, Founder, Lorax Partnerships

“Julie is an industry visionary. She has been a pivotal player in transforming the Mid-Atlantic marketplace to include green buildings. I have directly worked with Julie on several projects and she always adds amazing insight, with a creative solutions-oriented approach. I plan on continuing to work with Julie on many more projects in the future. If you are interested in making your projects more environmentally effective you should contact Julie.”

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Remember: Let’s live on the planet as if we intend to stay.


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Julie E. Gabrielli, NCARB, LEED

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