Yes! Greening Your Business Can Help You Attract New Customers, Increase Your Income AND Connect Spiritually with the Earth


Small business owners who want to develop a strong green consciousness, have a positive impact on the environment AND create new business opportunities by going green.

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Dear friend,

There’s no doubt about it: making your business more eco-friendly is truly beneficial for your bottom line. Research over the past few years has clearly demonstrated that green businesses:

Have outperformed their traditional counterparts throughout the recent economic downturn by 15%
• Can institute energy- and resource-saving practices at little or no cost which automatically saves them money
Are seeing a rise in both productivity and profits
• Have found that 76% of consumers would pay more for an environmentally friendly product
Enjoy increased media exposure

Not only that, a recent survey showed that 64% of today’s workers would be willing to put their paycheck on the line and forego pay raises to support green initiatives at work.

Then there are all the benefits you simply can’t put a price tag on, like:

Living your values
• Bringing your desire for a better world into alignment with your business goals and operations
Working in harmony with the environment
• Being able to extend your positive influence throughout the community
Creating new purpose and meaning for your business
• Partnering with other companies who want to contribute to the green movement

With all of these advantages to greening your business, don’t you agree that there’s no better time than RIGHT NOW to start transforming your company?

If you’re ready to begin this green journey, then I’m ready to help you:

Learn a revolutionary way of thinking that will change how you see green forever
• Develop a vision for your business that truly reflects your desire for a deeper connection with the earth
Partner with like-minded eco-preneurs striving to make a difference
• Connect with trusted mentors and experts who can guide you through the wild, wonderful world of green
• Construct an eco-friendly business plan for your company AND put it into action IMMEDIATELY!

You can learn all this AND MORE when you sign up for my new audio seminar series:

YES! Greening Your Business Can Help You Attract New Customers, Increase Your Income AND Connect Spiritually with the Earth

I’ve developed a unique, comprehensive process to thoroughly green your business from the inside out that I’ll be sharing with you.

In just a few short weeks, you’ll make significant leaps forward in greening your business. What’s even better is I’ll help you tap into the green inspirations and solutions that are already within.

So who am I to make all of these promises? That’s a great question.

My name is Julie Gabrielli. Twenty years ago, as a young architect, my eyes were opened to the tremendously negative impact my profession was having on the environment by contributing substantially to climate change, environmental degradation, and even poor human health from sick building syndrome.

Rather than pack it all in, I saw these dismal statistics as a challenge. “Surely, with intelligence, creativity, and determination,” I thought, “we CAN do better!” I began to educate myself, to learn all I could about how nature works, to study sustainability frameworks and to teach others about green design.

In the process, I developed my expertise, started my own company and helped to change my industry. I discovered a new approach that forever changed how I work with clients and partners, one that led to a much greater freedom, a specialty niche, and fulfillment in my business. I built a steady, loyal client stream that allowed me to continue to learn while getting paid to do what I love.

Most importantly, I learned that “going green” extends well beyond recycling or using compact florescent light bulbs and can truly create an amazing “inner-world, transformational shift” in your life and business.

In this audio seminar series, I use all the knowledge that I’ve gained to help you develop:

• Clarity – on where you are now
• Vision – of where you want to be
• Confidence and support – to get there

So how is this going to work? How will you get your hands on all this amazing information and begin this incredible journey?

Here’s how I’m going to deliver it to you:

I’ve packaged all of the information you need into five informative calls that will walk you step by step through a transformational shift in the way you think about “green” while also learning practical, actionable techniques you can use to start greening your business immediately.

Here’s a look at the series schedule and the range of helpful topics I’ll cover:

Call 1: Finding your place in the green universe

Are you worried about the state of the environment? About those poor polar bears and their shrinking ice floes? About toxic materials accumulating in the soil, water, and your body?


I’m going to show you how these gloom-n-doom environmental messages are the WORST way to try to stay motivated for the challenges of greening your business. We’ll dig into a deep understanding of how we got into this mess, and – guess what? – once we see that clearly, it’s also the way OUT.

You’re also going to learn:

  • Why NOT finding the highest motivation to integrate green into your business can lead to confusion, spinning wheels and wasting TIME and THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.
  • The profound difference between seeing the world as alive and seeing it as a bunch of inanimate objects to be exploited.
  • How to cultivate at relationship with the natural world through humility, awe and wonder; AND why it’s the secret sauce in a green business.
  • The high cost of cynicism to your business, and how it drives clients away. (A cynic is nothing more than a disappointed idealist.)


Beautiful slides, a Learning Guide, and a simple, yet powerful guided process to discover your intimate, sensual connection with the natural world,

Sounds like a LOT, doesn’t it? And that’s just the FIRST CLASS.

Oh, did I mention I give homework? ☺

“Julie has helped me see the amazing inner world shift that come from going green.”Whenever I think of Julie Gabrielli, I always feel a sense of hope in my heart. Julie is one of the most passionate, gentle, loving spirits I know. And she has dedicated her life to helping make our planet a better place. Julie has taught me so much about what it means to “go green.” This goes way beyond my limited thinking that it simply meant to recycle, turn off the lights, and buy a hybrid car.

Coco Fossland, Founder, WorldChanging Business

“Julie opens doors to creative, compelling and doable possibilities for new directions.”I have had several consultations with Julie, ranging broadly in topic, scope, and seriousness. I can say without hesitation and with a deep sense of gratitude that Julie has an extraordinary ability to grasp issues and concerns simultaneously on a practical and conceptual level. Her work is firmly rooted in a clear sense of values, compassion, and an easy and very likeable style. In a conversation with Julie, expect to be heard, expect to be transformed, and expect to feel good about yourself and the ideas and plans that you generate in the process.

Lauren Abramson, Founder and Director, Community Conferencing Center

Call 2: Developing a green business perspective

Want to know what distinguishes a truly green business from a green-washer? I’m sure you don’t want to be one of those businesses that just adds to the confusion out there. How can your clients and customers know to trust you when you go public with your green mission?

Maybe you’ve heard this wisdom from Marcel Proust: “The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands, but in seeing with new eyes.”

You will be relieved to learn that going green does not involve ingesting as many “10 Things You Can Do” lists as you can stomach. No. It’s much more profound, uplifting and joyful than that, and I will reveal all in this call.

Here’s what else you’ll discover:

  • How does Nature do it? And how can we model ourselves after this elegant system that has been working and evolving since the Big Bang?
  • How persisting in linear, industrial-age thinking is so wasteful of resources, translating to money DOWN THE DRAIN.
  • That, far from being ISOLATED in a ruthless, competitive world, you and your business are actually a CONNECTED part of a vast network of abundance, possibility and creativity.


Beautiful slides, a Learning Guide, and the newly-created – just for this class – GOforChange Business Network Mapping ToolTM

“Julie knows how to listen and adapt her vision to her client’s needs and experience”Julie Gabrielli is one of those rare individuals who combine a deep sense of mission and purpose with a very grounded practical sense. Working with her on plans for green renovations of our house involved a true dialogue. She is an expert but knows how to listen and adapt her vision to her client’s needs and experience. Above all, she is brilliantly creative, fun to work with, warm and completely idealistic. It is hard to define what her profession is: architect? Community activist? Green advocate? Problem solver? She is someone I will always go back to consult with.

Violaine Melancon, musician, professor, energy miser, and client for strawbale house addition

Call 3: Creating your own green business plan

As the Cheshire Cat said to Alice, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” Well, if you don’t know where you’re starting from or where, exactly, you want to go, how are you going to green your business?

This is the class where we roll up our sleeves and get into detail. What are your current challenges? What are your priorities? Resources? Potential partners?

With the motivation and mindset gained in the first two classes, you are perfectly positioned to tackle these questions:

• What are your current impacts?
• What is your vision?
• How will you get there?

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to access a unique vision of your green future. The amazing thing is that you have all the answers within – and I’m going to guide you to that sublime place of partnership with nature.
  • What a HORRIBLE TIME SUCK it is for you and your team not to have focus on specific goals and priorities. Not only that, it keeps you from achieving the success you need to keep you fueled for your green journey.
  • A fun way to measure one impact and become aware of all the plastic in your life (hint: there’s WAY more than you think).


Our unique TREES TemplateTM to guide you through the process of visioning and prioritizing. AND the exclusive GOforChange Plastic Tracker WorksheetTM

“Julie helped us conceive a clear and concise vision.”I worked with Julie on the award-winning University of Maryland’s 2007 Solar Decathlon entry LEAFHouse. Her deep knowledge of sustainability was immediately applicable to all aspects of the project from the development of our brand to the design of the house to the creation of marketing materials. Her ability to seamlessly integrate sustainable principles and technology helped the team develop an inclusive approach to the project. She not only helped us find our vision, but also gave us the tools to convey that to the public. Her enthusiasm and positive outlook turned problems and challenges into opportunities. My work with Julie has increased my own interest and passion for sustainability as well as help shape the path of my career.

Brittany Williams, LEAFHouse team leader, project designer at MTFA Architects

Call 4: Putting your green plan into action NOW

Whew! It’s hard to believe that after only three classes in less than two weeks, you’re ready to roll. But you ARE!

That’s because, with the TREES system, nothing is left to chance. You now have a clear, customized roadmap to follow and a strong, inspiring vision to guide you.

This class will feature one or two hot seats, which allows everyone to learn from a real-life example of an eco-committed business owner weighing their options, sharing challenges, and having breakthroughs.

You’ll also learn:

  • The incredible value of a supportive community and experienced mentorship to hold you accountable for achieving your goals. And, to provide support and feedback when you need to adjust course.
  • How a green message can attract new clients, employees, and media attention to you like a magnet. BUT! Only if you speak authentically from a place of deep understanding of what it truly means to be green.
  • Ways to translate what you are learning to help others in your networks.


Our inspirational “12 Tenets of Positive Change” special report to keep you fueled and inspired for the rewarding work ahead.

“Julie sees possibility, tied to effective, community-rebuilding action.”As chair of the Baltimore Bioneers conference, Julie consistently helped to shift the focus from, “what’s wrong?” to looking for different perspectives and new connections. In addition to keeping all the moving parts well-oiled, she also found time to produce an inspiring and generously-spirited film about the green movement in Baltimore. She has a way of looking at the world with wonder and appreciation, seeing our community as a place where everyone matters and everyone’s work is needed. Rather than the gloom and doom of environmental damage, Julie has a positive vision of the future.

Peter Bruun, Founder and Director, Art on Purpose

Call 5: Learning from the best: a green business roundtable

You’ll get to peek behind the curtains of two successful green businesses, both owned by strong, creative women. I will ask them YOUR questions (submitted beforehand) about:

How they got started
• Why do they do it
Their biggest challenges
• How they stay juiced in the day-to-day
Their proudest moment

You will be surprised and delighted to hear some very familiar themes. These green business owners have:

A deep, multi-faceted connection to their community
• A heart-felt and inspired commitment to service
Opened up new, unique markets
• Increased exposure from the media
Increased profits by cutting waste
• Created premium green offerings that get attention

This is possible! These women are living proof!


Julie’s Select Rolodex of successful green business owners. These are people you can network with, ask questions, and draw inspiration from.

“There is NO ONE else out there teaching what Julie does”about adopting a green attitude in your business! If you care about this green movement and are THE change agent in your business, hire her as quickly as you can. Her credentials run long and her commitment to the green movement runs deep.

Julie Steelman, Creator, The SOUL Principle of Selling

Want to know more? Here are some questions that people frequently ask about this program:

Q. What happens if I miss a session?

A. No worries! You’ll be getting the entire series as a downloadable MP3, so if you miss a session or just want to go back and listen again, you’ll have all of the information right at your fingertips. I’ll also be posting slides and other resources in PDF form throughout the series so that you’ll have everything you need to follow along and refer back to later.

Q. I want to use this series to help me expand my green network. Will this be possible?

A. Absolutely! As part of this audio seminar series, you’ll have access to an online networking forum. You’ll make connections with other participants, exchange ideas and resources, discuss pressing green matters and be able to share your deep, emotional connection with the earth with those who understand your views.

Q. What can this program do for me beyond giving me another “10 Ways to Go Green” list?

A. This audio seminar series is different. It’s about way more than giving out helpful tips. It’s all about learning how to use your business as a transformative tool to align yourself more closely with nature. It’s about creating a mindset, a whole new way of looking at the world and discovering the possibilities. This program takes green beyond a checklist (or a chore) and makes it a process of creation, collaborating and connecting in a deep personal way that’s incredibly uplifting.

By now you’re probably thinking, “Well, Julie, that sounds really great, but…”

But, you know what? After 20 years of helping individuals and businesses to go green, I’ve had a lot of experience helping people get beyond the “buts” to make their dreams of creating an eco-conscious workplace a reality. In fact, once I’ve shared the real scoop on becoming eco-friendly, those doubts just disappear.

For example, one of the biggest “buts” I hear is, “Julie, greening my business will take a lot of time and effort. I wouldn’t know where to start.”

That’s an easy one. Although that may be the experience of some people, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s a success story from one of my clients to tell you why:

“Julie combined down-to-earth practicality that fit our budget with our mission and needs.”As our internal green building advisor for a large, LEED-certified athletic complex, Julie helped us to understand sustainability more deeply from the outset. During the project, she translated complex concepts and sifted through sometimes-contradictory information, enabling us to make decisions efficiently and with confidence. She combines a broad vision with down-to-earth practicality that fit our budget, as well as the mission and needs of our school community.

Duncan Booth, Director of Finance, Roland Park Country School

Now, you may to say, “Okay Julie, but my business already recycles. Isn’t that enough?”

My answer is this: that’s an important first step in the right direction. The good news is it’s just the beginning. There are SO MANY other creative, exciting ways that your business can support the environment, and I can’t wait to help you discover them!

In fact, helping you find innovative solutions is one of the things I enjoy most.

Then there’s, “But Julie, I don’t want a cookie-cutter approach that won’t necessarily meet my needs.”

Don’t worry. My step-by step approach can be applied to any business or industry and takes into consideration your area of expertise, clients, suppliers and environment. One size definitely does NOT fit all. This is what my clients are saying:

“Julie’s approach is completely customized to our culture.”Julie was a key player in the successful launch of Howard Community College’s Sustainability Initiative. Her inclusive and systematic approach drew valuable insights from staff, faculty, students, board members, and other stakeholders. The organized process of gathering information about our community’s environmental attitudes helped to raise awareness and build momentum from the beginning. The vision and priorities of our initiative are completely customized to our culture, our approach to change, financial priorities, and our unique setting and mission.

Lynn Coleman, V.P. of Administration and Finance, Howard Community College

How about, “But Julie, I simply don’t know where to start.”

Getting started can certainly be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be that way. And that’s exactly why I created this teleclass. One of my clients explains:

There is an art to beginning well.

From the outset of an ambitious, visionary project, we worked with Julie to lead a session that combined lively consideration of sustainability frameworks with the practical advice that we need to gather critical information and make initial decisions. Her holistic vision is grounded in years of experience in the world of green design and business. She has a deep appreciation for the balance between the worlds of spirit and matter, and a systematic process that allowed us to get right into effective action.

Sue Berman, Executive Director, The Institute for Integrative Health

See? I told you I would erase those “buts” from your mind. ☺

And how did I know I could do it?

Because I know you’re committed to the green movement. And I’m going to give you what you need AND want: the mindset, connections, guidance and knowledge to bring your passion for the earth into alignment with your business.

I believe one of my purposes in life is to empower people as they travel their green path. Doing that means sharing information. That’s why I’m also making these incredible bonus offers available when you sign up for the series.

Bonus #1:

A special Q&A call! I’ll be LIVE on the line for 75 minutes for you to ask me all of YOUR burning questions about green business!

Bonus #2:

A second exciting bonus call to help you start the New Year off right! On this call, you’ll learn all about differentiating yourself with a green seal of approval. I’ll sit down and roll up my sleeves with branding, marketing and PR experts so that you can hear all about effective ways to promote your eco-friendly business.

Bonus #3:

AND you’ll receive the indispensible guide Greening Your Supply Chain: Questions and Tips, which will teach you what to look for and help you to ask the right questions when choosing your suppliers.

Bonus #4:

Then, you’ll get one of my clients’ favorites: The Eco-Design Diva’s Green Thumbs Up: Your Guide to Green-Blooded Resources. This is a real time-saver. Go straight to the best books and websites; do not kiss ANY MORE frogs!

But that’s not all! This last bonus is big!

If you are one of the first 12 people to register, you’ll also get a complimentary VIP call with me. That’s one hour of private consultation time to work together on your questions and issues about greening your business.

Now, for the final “but” of the day: “But Julie, this program of yours must cost a fortune.”

Good try, but you can’t stump me!

That’s because I’m offering this course one time only at the low introductory rate of $497.00. When you consider how much money you’ll save by eliminating waste and attracting new clients who want to support the green movement, it’s truly a bargain.

In an effort to make this valuable and informative class accessible to as many people as possible, I’m also offering three easy ways to pay.

Here’s how it works:

A. If you choose the 3-pay option you make 3 payments of $180.00, with payments three weeks apart.
(Hurry! This offer expires at midnight on Nov. 20.)

B. If you choose the 2-pay option, you make 2 payments of $265.00, with payments three weeks apart.
(Hurry! This offer expires at midnight on Nov. 27.)

C. If you choose the single-pay option, you simply make one payment of $497.00.

But before you decide, consider this! You can also choose the Premium Package, which includes two 1-hour sessions with me (scheduled before April 15, 2010) for the special rate of $847.00. That’s right, in addition to accessing the audio seminar series, you’ll also receive two hours of one-on-one time discussing matters unique to your own business.

That’s not all!


Don’t forget that you’re also protected by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That’s how sure I am of how valuable this audio seminar series is going to be for you. If for any reason you decide that my audio series isn’t for you, you can have your money back. Just let me know before the start of the third call, and I’ll refund your investment.

Remember, space is limited, so don’t delay! Click on this button:

“Yes Julie, I’m committed to developing a strong green consciousness, having a positive impact on the environment AND creating new business opportunities by going green.

For my investment of only $497.00, I’m going to join in on the Eco-Design Diva’s audio seminar series:

“YES! Greening Your Business Can Help You Attract New Customers, Increase Your Income AND Connect Spiritually with the Earth”

I’m also going to get incredible bonus materials, including:

• The special LIVE Q&A call
• An additional call with industry experts
Greening Your Supply Chain: Questions and Tips
The Eco-Design Diva’s Green Thumbs Up: Your Guide to Green-Blooded Resources

PLUS, if I choose the Premium Package, I will also receive two, 1-hour sessions where I can discuss issues unique to my business one-on-one with Julie.

And, I’m covered by the Eco-Design Diva’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Choose your package:

A. Choose the 3-pay option, and make 3 payments of $180.00, with payments three weeks apart.
(Hurry! This offer expires at midnight on Nov. 20.)

B. Choose the 2-pay option, and make 2 payments of $265.00, with payments three weeks apart.
(Hurry! This offer expires at midnight on Nov. 27.)

C. Choose the single-pay option, and simply make one payment of $497.00.

D. BEST DEAL! Choose the Premium Package, which includes two 1-hour sessions with Julie (scheduled before March 15, 2010) for the special rate of $847.00.

And remember! Let’s live on the planet as if we intend to stay!


Julie Gabrielli — Your Eco-Design Diva

P.S. In the series, I’ll talk about why NOW is the PERFECT time to green your business. Make sure you find out! Sign up here now: Follow this link.

P.P.S. If this is something you’re thinking about doing, ACT NOW to take advantage of the special introductory rates. The price will never be this low again!!

You can sign up here: Click on this link.

Julie E. Gabrielli, NCARB, LEED


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