Flooring That Floats

A comprehensive shopping guide to 5 different flooring options; durability, cost and eco stats. (4 pages)

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How To Get Your Eco Plans Approved

Read about a straw bale house that was approved here in Maryland and review a check list for approaching code offices. (2 pages)

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Permeable Paving

Get to know the benefits, uses, and applications of permeable paving, along with cost and local resources. (3 pages)

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Radiant Cooling Systems

Compare the difference of radiant cooling panels and traditional variable-air-volume systems; advantages, ventilation, energy savings and application. (2 pages)

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GO Canvas Grocery and Lunch Bags

Our reusable bags are hand-crafted from recycled fabric and salvaged canvas from the Poster Repair Company . Our logo was hand-printed by a local artist at Red Prairie Press . Bags come in two sizes 6”x7” and 14”x16”.