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Maryland: From Fifth to First in Green?

photo by: Alyssa

As a long-time member of the green building community here in Maryland, I am joyous to read articles like this one in today’s Baltimore Sun. Timothy Wheeler writes about proposed legislation that would require state buildings to be energy- and resource-efficient. While recent years have been challenging at best for green building legislation, the support of Governor O’Malley will help tremendously. Even though the state is facing fiscal woes, the long-term financial savings of energy efficiency alone should be attractive to most lawmakers. I recently participated in the Maryland Green Building Task Force, which recommended policy initiatives to encourage private green development. The Green Building Council is responsible for policy related to state-owned properties.

Megaphone Project


Megaphone Project is a non-profit organization that “produces low-cost documentaries that amplify voices for social and economic justice in Maryland.” They specialize in making “short, inexpensive, issue-based productions for advocates to show to community members, decision makers, and opinion leaders as part of organized campaigns for change.” Their productions have “helped advocate for reform in the criminal justice system, public housing, predatory lending, real estate development, public transit, and day labor.”