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Baltimore Spokes

photo by: Joe Stewart (TomMillerMural)

Baltimore Spokes is a locally-based bike advocacy blog. It’s full of news and events about how people are helping to improve the conditions for our community bike riders. Find out more about the HB 143 bill which will support safer passing of cyclists and right of way in a bike lane. You can become active in the MD Bicycle Symposium and tell your representatives about your bike advantages and disadvantages. Do you think Baltimore is conducive to cycling? What would make you bike more? You can also take a poll and answer these questions on their blog.

Jay Rubin: Proud Owner of Maryland’s 31st “Low Speed Vehicle”

courtesy of: Jay Rubin

The Kurrent car does not drive faster than 25 mph. But that didn’t stop Marylander Jay Rubin from following the slow but noticeable trend in purchasing the all-electric, low speed vehicle. Designed in Italy and built in the U.S., it’s America’s version of the European micro car. Smart for short trips through town, the Kurrent costs less than 2 cents per mile to operate. “I love this car and expect to talk it up,” says Rubin. “I’m already turning heads in my part of Baltimore.” For more on the Kurrent car, visit their website.


courtesy of: Flexcar

Flexcar is a car-lending service that offers low-emission, fuel-efficient vehicles that are conveniently located near homes and workplaces. Members use the cars when they want them, paying an hourly rate that includes gas, insurance, and maintenance. With Flexcar locations often only a five-minute walk from the home or workplace, this car-sharing model has been called the “wave of the future” by

Velocipede Bike Project


Velocipede Bike Project is a collectively-run non-profit organization dedicated to helping people use bicycles as transportation. They collect donated, second-hand and landfill-bound bikes, which they use to teach people how to repair and build their own bicycles, while also providing affordable and safe refurbished bicycles and parts. They seek to provide transportation to people of low and moderate incomes, encourage healthy lifestyles, reduce the waste flow into landfills, and decrease dependence on unsustainable fossil fuels.

Light Street Cycles

photo by: alyssa
Light Street Cycles is located in the heart of Federal Hill, a short walk south of the Inner Harbor and ne block north of Cross Street Market. Find the right Bike and gear for any ride, whether it’s around own or up and down the terrain of Patapsco State Park or the Gwyens Falls trail. Get your tips and ricks of the trade through there community events, and everyday bike advocacy for a better Baltimore.