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The Weekly Green: Juice for the Journey #7

photo by: alyssa
Week 7

When you turn to the Sun all shadows fall behind you. ~ African proverb

What does turning toward the sun look like in practical terms? Sure, it’s easy to despise and rail against a company like BP for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. But what happens when we look inside and honestly see our own complicity in this disaster – and others? Blame is a form of domination, and it prevents us from shedding light on our own truth. Where are you judging, and how can you transform that into compassion this week?

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5 Green Job Opportunities for Recent Grads

photo: Business Wire

Guest post by Louise Baker of Zen College Life.

With so much time and effort being dedicated to creating sustainable energy sources, reducing carbon emissions, and replenishing endangered species, there are a wealth of jobs now available for socially conscious, career-minded college graduates.

1. Carbon Portfolio Management

Reducing carbon emissions has become an increasingly important task throughout the world. Many nations are attempting to reduce their carbon footprint by creating carbon reduction programs, such as the research and development of low emission motor vehicles. Carbon Portfolio Management is important to not only help nations and corporations maintain an environmentally friendly industrial complex, but also to guide them economically throughout their green revolution. Graduates with a degree in Economics or Environmental Science may want to investigate this increasingly popular occupation.

2. Solar Installation Supervisor

One source of sustainable energy is solar power. Solar power requires the efforts of countless engineers and technicians to bring this sustainable form of energy to places that now rely on conventional forms of energy production, such as coal burning plants and nuclear power plants. In order for these technicians and engineers to perform their task quickly and efficiently, supervisors are required. This is a great position for anyone with a degree in Engineering, a willingness to learn new techniques and procedures, and a desire to travel.

3. Green Reporter

Every revolution needs a voice, and the green revolution is no different. Environmental reporters have rapidly become valuable commodities for most media corporations. The flow of green information is constant and overwhelming, so reporters are needed to help manage that flow. Every major newspaper outlet in the world now has their own green reporters on staff. Magazines, television news programs, internet websites, they all employ green reporters. This is the perfect job for someone with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication or a degree in Environmental Science.

4. Green Mentor

With so many corporations, government agencies, and individuals dedicated to a sustainable existence, there is a growing market for green mentors, men and women with advanced knowledge of green practices and procedures and a willingness to share that knowledge. Through seminars and demonstrations, these experts teach people how to maintain a green lifestyle. This position would be a great fit for someone with a degree in Education or Environmental Science.

5. Resource Preservationist

Because of overdevelopment and lax environmental laws, much of our natural resources have been lost and continue to disappear at an alarming rate. Resource Preservationists are dedicated to reducing the consumption of natural resources and creating a greater balance between human beings and their environment. These individuals usually work closely with energy providers and national parks to preserve our dwindling resources. Anyone with a degree in Environmental Science or Engineering would be a perfect candidate for this position. (Editor’s note: there is a growing industry in environmental restoration as well. These firms restore damaged ecosystems, such as wetlands, stream banks, and forests.)

Louise Baker is a freelance writer. She currently writes about online schools for Zen College Life. She most recently wrote about the best online colleges.

The Weekly Green: Juice for the Journey #6

photo by: Daniel Shea

Week 6

There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still. ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

When faced with so many challenges – or even choices – we can become paralyzed. This reminds me that there is no one right answer. The important thing is to keep moving, trying new things, and adjust course when necessary. Where are you standing still, and what small step forward can you take this week?

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The Weekly Green: Juice for the Journey #5

Week 5

It is impossible to care for each other more or differently than we care for the earth. ~ Wendell Berry

In our modern world, the importance of care is undervalued, ignored, considered irrelevant. While this is slowly changing, we are yet part of a culture that sees people and the earth as objects to be conquered, subdued, and used for our own ends. Our fate is intertwined with that of the earth – whether positively or negatively. How can you contribute to this cultural shift by practicing care and respect this week?

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The Weekly Green: Juice for the Journey #4

photo by: Julie

Week 4

The best way to give ourselves to the future is to give ourselves totally to the present moment. ~ Albert Camus

I love to play with the delicate balance of having goals, yet living each moment in the here and now. This is one of the miraculous aspects of being human. There is a discipline to living in the present, to avoid hashing over the past or fantasizing too much about the future. Yet, it’s not workable to ignore our desires and dreams. How can you tap your power of vision this week by noticing your present state?

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