Why Doesn’t Green = Better?

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Joel Makower, longtime green business guru and executive editor of Greener World Media, wrote an excellent article in his blog recently asking this question.

Joel writes,"Better. It’s a word I’ve been thinking about lately. And as I look at the landscape of sustainability, the green economy, and green marketing, I’m struck by how much of what’s greener isn’t necessarily better, at least not in the ways that matter to most people. And until "green" is synonymous with "better," it’s destined to remain marginalized, incapable of fomenting change at the scale and speed necessary to address climate change and other pressing problems."

In this article, Joel surveys the green landscape: cleaners, clothing, computers, cosmetics, energy, furnishings, buildings, appliances. Many of the greener alternatives are of higher quality, last longer, result in lower bills, all of which indicate higher quality. But, Makower, notes, it’s not all roses and honey. Green marketing is still stumbling over this simple fact:

"But many mainstream consumers believe that "green" equals "worse" — that making environmentally responsible shopping choices means making a sacrifice in quality, affordability, convenience, or some other attribute. A relative few are willing to make such sacrifices in the name of a healthier planet or a better world. But not many are. And they won’t do so until green = better."

Read the full article and see what you think.

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