Do You Think About Greening Your Business?

As a thank-you for taking this survey, we are happy to offer a F*R*E*E 20-minute consult with you. If these questions get you thinking and you’d like to talk with Julie Gabrielli in more depth, please email her at julie(at) to set up an appointment.

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  1. I ABSOLUTELY think about greening my business. With today’s increasingly eco-conscious consumer, one of the smartest things a business can do is cut down on its carbon emissions. Web conferencing does just that, as no energy is expended on flying or driving out of town. What’s even more impressive is being able to track this carbon savings. I recommend iLinc for that — a web conferencing provider that has a “Green Meter” that calculates how much carbon is saved for each web conference based on the number of participants and how far they would have had to travel to reach the conference facilitator’s host city. You can try it free at

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