Heathcote Community

photo from: wholistic.com
Heathcote is an intentional community located in Freeland Maryland just 30 mile north of Baltimore City. It sits on 112 acres some of which is in a community land trust the other owned by several community members. All of the houses and communal facilities are renovated farmhouses and old grain mills. Additional houses have been built using straw bale. There are many efforts within the community to use renewable resources and become energy independent. Whether you decide to live at Heathcote or just take part in one of there exciting permaculure classes you can always expect to enjoy and organic/ vegetarian meal(s), some of which is fresh from the garden, music, hiking, lounging in a stream-side hammock or helping out with some of the many natural building projects. Heathcote is a drug-free and smoke-free community and is currently looking for members. To find out more about everyday life at Heathcote one of its members has started a blog called Hippie Chick Diaries . You can also go to their website or take a visit to the farm.

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  1. I read Hippie Chick Diaries and am interested in visiting you in the near future. I could be a prospect as a new member as I want to leave Indiana. I actually grew up in California as a hippie anti-war drop-out. I have a heart condition, but I ride a bicycle everywhere and it works for me. I also like to grow food. Somehow we will be friends I hope, and we can move on from there. Peace!
    Love, Hippie Joe

  2. Hello Joe,
    Sorry to say but GOforChange isn’t affiliated with Heathcote. We just wrote about them on our blog. Click on the link and it’ll take you to their website where you can contact them directly.
    thanks for viewing GOforChange!

  3. Heathcote and the people of the Heathcote community are wondrous. Anyone interested in EcoCommunity and/or intentional community should arrange a visit. Heathcote has a long history of EcoConsciousness. When I lived there in the late 70s, we did week long and long weekend workshops on low cost energy efficient shelter, passive solar design, and solar hotwater, to name a few. Give them a call, arrange a visit, and be prepared for a treat.

  4. Thanks for this plug of Heathcote Community! The Hippie Chick Diaries site may or may not take messages, so this is a better link for contacting and visiting:



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