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Brilliant Green Marketing


See if you can get the joke before the end. Even if you don’t, you’ll appreciate its clever approach. It’s refreshing to see such creative messaging. We won’t say more — lest we spoil the surprise!

King Cow

photo arranged by: alyssa
King Cow is a web and print collective with designers working on projects supporting art, environmental sustainability & social causes. They specialize in utilizing a web service that allows their clients to efficiently update their web design and manage on-line communications. King Cow is based out of Silver Spring, MD and will enthusiastically assist with any sustainability-minded web, print, or e-mail needs.

Furbish Company: Green Renovations for Lucky’s Warehouse

photo by: alyssa

A few weeks ago, GOforChange visited the Furbish Company headquarters to tour their newly-renovated Lucky’s building, a green office space south of downtown. This Brooklyn warehouse was originally used as a wood mill, then became a convenience store warehouse in the late 1970’s. It is now home to several sophisticated systems and practices of ecological design and efficiency. As the developer and owner of Furbish Co., Michael Furbish approached the project by honoring the building’s existing integrity. He added only what was needed to update and enhance the structure’s inherent environmental sustainability.

Working with a hydraulic engineer revealed that the building was sitting on 8-feet of water, which quite often would spring up through the floor in the basement. Most people would see this as a problem, but with careful calculation and several hundred feet of tubing, a geothermal system was installed to assist with more than 70% of the building’s cooling needs.

Heat for the building is provided by a solar hot water system that transfers heat gain from the sun to a storage cistern that sits on the roof. Continued

Baltimore Eco Hotspot


Go for Change and Jana Murrell, Miss Earth US 2008, interviewed Cheryl Wade, Ilya Goldberg and Mick the Pirate at the Mill Valley Garden Center and Farmers Market to get caught up on some exciting developments in local food production and how you can fill up at Baltimore Biodiesel.

PS1: Public Farm 1

photo by: alyssa
Now on view in the courtyard of PS1 Contemporary Art Museum in Queens, NY is Public Farm 1. The winners of the ninth annual MoMA/P.S.1 Young Architects Program were Amale Andraos and Dan Wood of WORK Architecture Company. The design is something PS1 has named "a flying carpet farmer’s market."

Viewing this piece myself I was reminded of James Wines’ SITE projects for the BEST stores done during the early 80’s, which questioned the role of architecture and ecology in a suburban setting. Although I would have loved to see Public Farm 1 in front of a Walmart this project focused more on the role of ecology and self-sufficency in an urban setting. To highlight this idea I was fortunate enough to see the garden with one of the biggest bank buildings in the U.S. as its backdrop. The courtyard also housed a number of live chickens, the roof of which collected rainwater and a solar PV system which powers fans, lights, your cell phone and that’s not all.

Your Right Brain and You


As the summer winds down, we find ourselves watching videos here at GOforChange. This one is just so good, I had to post it. It is about 18 minutes but — trust me — the time FLIES by. A brilliant, powerful, moving insight into perception, it will change the way you look at the world. After you watch it, go out and get Daniel Pink’s "A Whole New Mind: Why Right Brainers Will Rule the Future."

Baltimore Color Plate

photo by: alyssa
Baltimore Color Plate is a FSC-certified color printer. The purchase and use of FSC-certified paper and products contributes to conservation and responsible forest management. "It sends the message that you and your company care about the earth’s future and you greatly value its resources." Located on Cromwell Bridge Rd. in Towson, MD off of beltway 695.