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Miss Earth US Meets With Local Environmental Businesses

Upon reading about us in City Living Baltimore Jana Murrell contacted GOforChange to find out more about Baltimore’s growing eco-scene. Jana, who is enjoying her new reign as Miss Earth United States 2008 , has worked as a newscaster in her hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, is currently a traveling physical therapist.

In her capacity as Miss Earth US, Jana has been involved with several eco-related promotions to build awareness for environmental causes. To continue her support, Miss Murrell and the team at GOforChange visited the Mill Valley Center and Farmers Market on Friday Aug. 1st from 6-8pm to highlight the garden center, great local vendors and the Baltimore Biodiesel Coop .

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Eco-Green Living

drawing by: alyssa

Eco-Green Living , located on NW Church Street in Washington, D.C., is an ideal stop for anyone looking to be a bit more green-minded in their home or personal purchases, offering a wide range of products from bamboo flooring to organic bedding to fair trade chocolate. They feature products from multiple lines of green vendors, like natural light systems from Solatube , tankless and solar water heaters from Rheem , and body products from Perfect Organics .

Door to Door Organics

drawing by: alyssa

Door to Door Organics , located in Bucks County, PA, has been delivering organic produce to homes and businesses on the East Coast since 1996. The family owned and operated business delivers a variety of fruit, vegetable, or mixed fruit and vegetable boxes, depending on availability, using biodiesel to fuel their delivery vehicles. They strive to recycle everything possible and leave the smallest carbon footprint possible, even composting their "NOT plastic bags". Visit their website for more information or to order online.


photo by: alyssa

Yes, their name is really Bark! And for good reason. No, they’re not a tree store. They offer premium natural and organic products for pets, like preservative-free pet foods and treats, natural supplements, eco-friendly toys and bedding, and handmade local items. They strive to provide products that are organic, hormone- and antibiotic-free, free-range/cage-free, made from recycled materials, sustainable and environmentally friendly, locally made, fair trade, and/or humanely raised. With locations in Clarksville and Olney, Maryland pet-owners have little reason not to visit.


drawing by: alyssa

Klockner is a green building company out of Takoma Park specializing in design / build projects including upscale additions, renovations, and custom homes. With an extensive knowledge base on green products and construction methods, the firm offers services in budget development and project design.

The Spaces Between

photo by: Julie

One of the categories of GOforChange is "Inspiration." I’ve always been fascinated by the etymology of words that we tend to throw around unconsciously. "Inspiration" comes from the Latin, inspiratus , or inspirare : "inspire, inflame, blow into," from in -"in" + spirare "to breathe." Breathing is such a part of life that we often are completely unaware of it. When we take a bit of time to notice our breath, we become more open and expansive. This stillness helps us navigate the challenges of life.

I’ve been listening to Wayne Dyer’s "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life," which is his exploration of the wisdom of the Tao Te Ching , as applied to our modern world. Each day, I listen to a verse of the Tao, along with his musings on what it means to us today and how to apply it in simple, practical terms. For example:

11th Verse of the Tao Te Ching

Thirty spokes converge upon a single hub.
It is on the hole in the center that the use of the cart hinges.

Shape clay into a vessel.
It is the space within that makes it useful.

Carve fine doors and windows,
but the room is useful in its emptiness.

The usefulness of what is
depends on what is not.

As an architect, I have always been attracted to this verse, with its embrace of the void, of the spaces between. Continued

Baltimore is Seriously Going Green!

Wind Power at the Inner Harbor from Planit on Vimeo .

Planit Agency , an advertising company that works with Baltimore City on sustainability marketing campaigns, has begun a fun initiative to raise the media and citizens’ public awareness. Planit’s motto is "ideas transform," and we couldn’t agree more! Their choice of using Baltimore’s iconic Power Plant for this clever, visual way of asking, "Why Not?": priceless.