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Golden West Cafe

photo by: gordon

Golden West Cafe┬áis located in Historic Hamden, offering vegetarian, vegan and organic meat options with a text-mex attitude. The cafe is spacious, lively, bright and who doesn’t like those recycled album cover menus. I always enjoy being reminded of Gary Glitter or Liberace before breakfast. The Golden West also has a long bar so even if you’re not eating you can still enjoy the ambiance.

Normals Books and Records

photo by: gordon

Normals is one of Baltimore’s oldest and well respected and collectively run used music and bookstores. You could spend hours locked between the stacks. It’s like an archaeological dig, you never know what you’ll find. Although, if you do need something specific they’ll know where to find it. Check out the Redroom, the adjoining music venue, for some of the best in experimental and improv music.

A Model Green Community Health Center

Julie G

Baltimore Medical System (BMS) is building a Healthy Living Center in Highlandtown on a City-owned parking lot. From the lifeless asphalt will soon rise a LEED Certified building, housing a LEED Platinum community health center. On Friday, June 13, we went to their groundbreaking ceremony, which was both heartwarming and well-attended.

Twenty-three years ago, BMS began providing quality primary health care to the citizens of Highlandtown, many of whom were elderly and wished to age gracefully in their own homes. Today, BMS provides care to 14,000 people, including traditional east Baltimore residents, as well as new refugee and immigrant patients from around the world.

This new center will continue to provide the full range of health services for all people, whether insured or uninsured. The new space will allow BMS to increase their patient base to 21,000 and to provide educational programming such as smoking cessation, prenatal classes, and healthy eating in a new community room. As it increases its staff, it will continue to be the largest employer in Highlandtown. Continued

Greater Homewood Community Corporation

photo by: alyssaGreater Homewood Community Corporation (GHCC) is a non-profit organization serving 40 different neighborhoods in and around the north central areas of Baltimore City. Founded in 1969 to strengthen and safe guard communities the corporation helps to improve education, youth development, adult literacy and economic development and community revitalization.

Solar Panels Plus

photo by: alyssaSolar Panels Plus is a Apricus solar systems distributor located in Chesapeake, VA. Apricus is a global dealer with it’s U.S. branch in Branford, CT and it’s manufacturing plant in Nanjing, China. Solar Panel Plus offers extensive heating and cooling options, as if purchasing panels just to heat your home wasn’t enough you can also consider a solar pool heater, fancy!


courtesy of: BedibooPart of the Buy Local Baltimore guide, Bediboo offers clothing and accessory options for mommy and baby from 18 different brands selling products made mostly from soy fiber, recycled bottles, and chemical free plastics that also include handmade items. BumGenius! a one-size cloth diapers offers an industry first, stretch- to-fit tabs, cloth baby carriers, nursing tea, and much more.

Koteen Losoya

drawing by: alyssaKoteen Losoya is a sustainability consulting group that offers waste neutral solutions for business and institutional applications. They focus on cost-effective solutions for diverting needless waste into a reusable form, one that may serve as a business and ecological nutrient. The KL Group has provided pragmatic and technical assistance to many Baltimore area businesses and projects. Many of which have utilized innovative waste management systems that have not only maintained a healthier environment by putting less pressure on over-burdened landfills, but have been able to generate a supplemental income