GreenBuilders Inc.

drawing by: alyssa

GreenBuilders Inc. is a general contractor in Maryland, specializing in remodeling, additions, and the use of straw bale construction when feasible. Polly Bart, PhD, founder of Greenbuilders, is also a LEED accredited professional , frequently working in that capacity as an advisor to general contractors.

They specialize in "not-so-big" construction design to reduce costs; non-toxic, natural materials which will are safe for families; one-of-a-kind handcrafted beauty in finishes and trims; and sensible heating and cooling plans which provide more comfort and save energy.

Greenbuilders recycles, reuses, and donates. Clients get the tax deduction and the satisfaction of knowing that their renovation isn’t sending valuable materials to the landfill. In fact, Greenbuilders does not use dumpsters at all!

Over the years, Julie Gabrielli has done a number of projects with Polly, much to the delight and satisfaction of her clients. Polly always brings practicality, common sense, honesty, great craftsmanship, and a deep care of the earth to her work.

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  1. Way to go! Straw bale insulation is something I would like to look into for a cabin I’ll be building.
    It’s definitely LEED-applicable by nature.
    What type of R-value does it provide?

  2. Dear Chris,

    Tried to get you through your website but no luck. R-value is high 30’s. I’d like to talk; you can reach me at

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