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Clean Commute

photo courtesy of: cybersalt.orgClean Commute is part of the Baltimore Metropolitan Council and works to improve more efficient means of travel while engaging in air and water quality programs, computer mapping applications, emergency preparedness, public safety, transportation planning and much more. Find out how to get involved and speak out about poor commuter options in and around the city. Tell them what is or isn’t working.

Holistic Life Foundation

photo by: alyssaHolistic Life Foundation is a registered non-profit that was found in 2001 by graduates of the University of Maryland College Park. The Foundation offers youth development and after school programs that include yoga classes hosted at the Druid Hill YMCA, mentoring workshops with a one on one approach, environmental advocacy with hands on watershed restoration and community clean-ups.

Greening Alleys: Baltimore

unknownMajor Sheila Dixon is joined by Councilman James Kraft to sign City Council Bill 05-0034, which establishes the standards and procedures for community alley gating. This will help safeguard and prevent illegal dumping and other illicit activities. The the gating is also part of a larger initiative to implement alleys as green spaces to foster a greater sense of community in a cleaner greener space. To see press release: click here. Take a tour of the alleys with Community Greens, more info.

Typecast Press

photo courtesy of: Typecast PressLocated in Baltimore’s new Clipper Mill area, Typecast Press uses antique printing press methods, manual paper feeds, and mixes its own ink for an old polished design quality. Typecast focuses on craftsmanship with decades of graphic design experience. They personalize every project and offer stationary and invitations on alternative tree-friendly materials, and environmentally friendly soy-based inks.

Verde Landscape Design

map detailVerde Landscape Design is located in Baltimore and specializes in native plant landscaping. They’ll tell you what’s best to help shape your property and better support the surrounding ecosystem. They are a small and independently owned. Joyce Kelly owner and designer is focused on providing “creative sustainable and environmentally conscious landscaping.” They currently do not have a website but feel free to email or call them at 443.631.4001 or

The Rockfish

photo courtesy of: The Rockfish

The Rockfish is a no waste fine dining experience located in Annapolis. The restaurant takes all of it organic waste to a compost facility, runs a recycling program called "Rockfish Recycles" which began in the early spring 2007, purchases wind power carbon credits and has already off-set millions of pounds in greenhouse gases. "Our program provides neighboring businesses that were not recycling at all with recycle containers to keep on site. Every Friday, the 12 businesses who now work with us drop off their waste in our parking lot. We sort it, pack it and deliver it to the county’s recycling center free of charge. Current estimates show that we are converting 4 tons of trash bound for landfills to recycle every month. That is almost 50 tons each year and the program keeps growing."

Home Anthology

photo by: alyssaHome Anthology carries some of the best in home furniture design, selling only reclaimed pieces from designers like Charles Eames, Hans Wegner, Florence Knoll, Herman Miller, Isamu Noguchi, among others. Located in Catonville, MD.