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Cylburn Arboretum Association

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Since 1954, The Cylburn Arboretum Association has been working to protect the Cylburn Arboretum, a nature preserve and city park of over 200 acres located in Baltimore City. The association is a volunteer organization whose mission in part is to work with the city to preserve Cylburn’s historic grounds and buildings through its horticultural and educational activities. They work cooperatively with the city of Baltimore Department of Recreation and Parks – Horticultural Division to sponsor year-round events for children and adults.

Amicus Green Building Center

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The Amicus Green Building Center is a collection of genuine “green” products, resources, and expert support for the Mid-Atlantic region. Their mission is to create healthy, environmentally-friendly, stylish, energy-smart, and sustainable buildings. Through services like design consulting, energy analysis, and research reports, and offering green products in the way of paints, flooring, kitchen fixtures, lumber, tile and lighting, among others, the center is a able to assist just about any project toward becoming a little, or a lot more, eco-friendly.

Community and Environmental Defense Services

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Community and Environmental Defense Services (CEDS) is a nationwide group of attorneys, planners, environmental scientists, academics, and political strategists that works with citizens to prevent zoning infractions, sprawl, and other negatively-affecting development projects. Their website features a detailed “fact sheet” with subtopics such as “annexation” and “landfills” which potential clients can peruse before requesting CEDS services.


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Housewerks "specializes in unusual and carefully selected architectural antiques, industrial salvage, and one-of-a-kind finds. Serving designers, renovators, homeowners, architects, and the film industry." Located in South Baltimore in what used to be the Chesapeake Gas Company in 1885, it itself is a testament to the wonderful uses of old things given some added love. Their store room is immaculate and could be compared to a visit to a museum. Find other salvage centers in the surrounding area here .

Divinity Veganatural

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Divinity Veganatural produces compassionately-manufactured body products and markets them at more than 20 locations scattered across Maryland, Northern Virginia and Oregon. Using sustainable, organic items like shea nut butter, virgin coconut oil, and hempseed oil, Veganatural employs fair-trade policies in its production processes, and donates a portion of each online purchase to various human-rights and liberation organizations.

Dogwood Deli

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See the CNN broadcast of Galen Sampson , owner and five-star chef of Dogwood Deli , located in Hamden and specializing in a gourmet-inspired organic menu using only locally grown fruits and vegetables. With a combination of a healthy and loving marriage to Bridget Sampson , great food and two dogs named Sox and Shoes comes this statement from Galen, "We believe sincerely in our mission of providing Baltimore with naturally-inspired food that’s fresh, healthy, and grown close to home. We use as much organic product as possible and find inspiration in the land, the sea and in nature’s changing palette. Our deli is named for the first tree we planted together after we were married, with a nod to our love of canines."

Resource Conservation Technology

colored by: alyssa The Resource Conservation Technology is a leading supplier of advanced technology for energy-efficient, environmentally-responsible building. They offer a wide range of products, including roof systems, rainwater systems, ventilation systems, and glazing systems.